Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to Shaye

So yesterday was Shaye's birthday! He is finally the big 24! Since I am a year older than him I turned 25 before he turned 24 and he loved to tease me for that month difference that I was 2 year older than him. So now I feel much better saying that he is 24 instead of 23:) Shaye had a pretty good birthday. Unfortunately he had to go to school all day and I didn't get home from work until 6. But as soon as I got home the party began. I had wrapped his presents the night before and had them sitting out so he could stare at them all day until I got home:) I don't think I was in the house 1 minute before he said he was opening his presents cause he'd been looking at them for the last couple of hours. So he opened his presents and was happy to find some things he's been wanting. Then we went to dinner at our favorite Texas Roadhouse for a delicious dinner, it really was quite good! Those rolls are the best. If you've never been, it is definitely something you want to try. Anyways it was great and then we headed to a late movie. We had a great time and I hope Shaye had a happy birthday.

Nice new all weather mats for his truck.
Here's what he really wanted, new slipper shoes. These are his favorite! Anyone who knows Shaye know that he always wears his slippers. He even brings them when we go on trips:)

Some how these got out of order and the opened present pictures are ahead of the wrapped presents. Oh well, in this big present was the slippers. I had to disguise them in a bigger box so he wouldn't know what they were. I'm always trying to surprise him with his presents and he seems to always find out or know what they are before he opens them. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Shaye! I love you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekend With Traj

Well this is going to be a long post with lots of pictures because for the past four days Shaye and I have had a special visitor staying with us. We were so lucky that Mikkel and Jerron would ask us to watch little Trajen while they went to Cancun with Jerron's company. It really turned out to be a great weekend and we survived our time with the two year old. We were quite proud of ourselves that we made it through without any long drawn out crying sessions, any time he started crying it only lasted about 30 seconds and then he was fine. He was such a good boy and now we are missing him. The following are many many pictures of the fun we had "playing house" and trying out our parenting skills. 

Traj has always loved me for my jewelry. Since his Mom doesn't wear any jewelry he is very fascinated by mine. As I was getting ready and putting on my earrings and such he found all the watches he could find and found a jewelry box with some bracelets and necklaces. Also he was trying out my shoes as you can see:) He really does like to wear jewelry Shaye and to bargain with him to get him to take it off so we could go to dinner. Silly boy:)
Yep we went to Chuck E Cheese's and it was crazy. I don't think I had ever been there that I can remember and I don't think I would care to go again. It was crazy with kids but Traj loved it and was so excited when he saw the mouse as we pulled in the parting lot. 

Trajen LOVES pizza! And anything he didn't want to eat he would turn to me with a big smile on his face and say yummy as he went to put it in my mouth. Funny kid:)

Turns out Traj likes Rootbeer floats just as much as Shaye does. 
Ready to go see the airplanes!
While I was at work on Saturday Shaye and Traj took a trip to the Aerospace Museum by our house at Hill Air Force Base. 
Trajen looks confused? Really he's just saying, "I hold it!" Cause he was to take the picture.
Get ready for lift off!!
Trajen and I did lots of coloring. Saturday night I was preparing our primary lesson and Traj was helping me color the pictures.

This is my favorite! Here he is after bath time sporting his super cool robe.
Traj with his camera, he is very into taking pictures these days.

Getting his beloved apple juice ready to take to church. We were a little worried about how church would turn out but Traj was awesome! He went to nursery and had a great time. 

This isn't the best picture of me but I love Trajen's smile. After our Sunday afternoon naps we just had fun playing around the house. This is Traj and I after we had been dancing around the house to my favorite Taylor Swift! He would try to copy everything I did as danced around it was so fun.  That was my favorite activity.
Two little monkey's jumping on the bed.
Traj very much enjoyed his horsey rides provided by Shaye. And in this picture it looks like Shaye is getting into character by the look on his face.
Hold on tight!
Thanks for coming to stay with us Trajen we miss you! Come back and see us soon! Also thanks Mikkel and Jerron for trusting us with him, we love him:)