Thursday, August 19, 2010

Recent Happenings

Just a little update on some of our recent activities. Shaye has been enjoying any and all outdoors time he can get. Hunting season is upon us and Shaye has been out chasing the deers. He has also enjoyed lots of fishing this summer. Here are some pictures from his most successful fishing trip up to Panguitch Lake.
It sure looks beautiful up there.
Here's Shaye and Jason with all their catches, they were very pleased with their success! So what did they with all those fishes?...
We had a BBQ at our house the next day. This was the biggest fish they caught and they stuffed it up nicely for the cooking:)
As for what I've been up to I'm nearing the end of pregnancy and I can't believe it! It seems to have gone by so quickly but then it some ways I feel like I don't remember life before being pregnant. I still have been feeling really good, which I am grateful for. This picture is me at 36 weeks, only a few more weeks to go!! I had a doctors appointment today and she said everything looked great and things were on schedule. We can't wait to meet our little man. So while I'm waiting I have been "nesting" you could say.
Here is a shelf I made to match the babies room.
In this lighting the colors look a little off but I was happy with how it turned out.
Here's my next project, there is kind of a glare but I am also happy with the way it turned out. I've been feeling kind of crafty lately:)
Here I am in my nest:) Often when Shaye comes home he asks where I am and I'll be in the babies room sitting in the rocking chair reading or talking on the phone. I very much enjoy just being in there and things are coming together nicely for our little guys first room. Here's some pictures of his place.
Thanks to Jennica for the cute little vinyl animals she gave us, they are perfect!
Can't wait for him to sleep in his bed, hopefully he will love it so much that he will be a great sleeper...we can only hope:)
I'm planning to put the shelf I made above the dresser but I need Shaye to help me put it up so I make sure and get it straight:) Now the count down begins, it will still be several weeks until he's here but I think we're ready for him!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Shower

The past two weeks seem to have been crazy busy, time just keeps flying by! While Mikkel was here she was kind enough to throw me a super fun and nice baby shower. It was so cute, she did a fabulous job. Thanks to everyone that came, here are a few pictures of all the fun:)
These are the way cute party favors Mikkel made. It was a little shower sponge and lotion and it said, "From Ashley's shower to your shower." So cute and clever:)
The treats were so delicious plus they looked so pretty.
Love all the blue to celebrate our little boy!
Opening gifts, this was a cute blanket that Grandma Jackson made for the little guy.

Jen, Jana, Me, Mikkel and Tavin enjoying the party. Jen was so great to come and help Mikkel get everything put together. Thanks Jen you are great! Also my Mom came over from Kanab to help out and I was so glad to have her there she is so wonderful. Big thanks to Mikkel, everything turned out wonderful and they put her house together in one day after them not living there for 3 months!! Thanks Mikkel you are the best, we loved having you and the boys here and can't wait til you're home for good!
I can't believe that I am down to the end of my pregnancy. Only 6 weeks or so left now. I'm still feeling really good and hope that it will continue. I am loving feeling the baby move all the time. Shaye thinks I'm so silly cause when I feel his little feet poking out or something I'll say how I think he is so cute. He reminds me that I can't see him but I really do, I already think he is just so cute and precious. I can't wait to meet him and it won't be long now!