Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Brandon

It has been another good and busy weekend. We had the chance to meet my family in St. George to celebrate my brother Brandon's birthday. His birthday was actually last week but since he was still pretty sick and recovering from his surgery we decided to postpone his birthday until he could enjoy it. We had a great time enjoying a good dinner at Texas Roadhouse and visiting with our family.
Here's Brandon enjoying his birthday song on the saddle.
Here we all gave him a big birthday "yee-haw"!! The best is my Dad's big yee-haw in the back ground, he was enjoying himself:)
Here's the kids table, and we were just like kids. Emily spilled her water, Brandon and Nate were throwing peanut shells at each other and Nathan was loving playing with the bones from Brandon's ribs. Don't worry my mom was sitting with us so she kept us under control:)
Nate was being such a ham as usua,l he loves it when the family gets together. He was so excited to see us all. He has finally figured out that I am having a baby. He was so excited when he saw my big belly! He kept pointing at it and signing baby and then he kept showing me pictures of babies on his ipod. He has seen Mikkel go through this process a couple times now so I think he's figured out how this works, your belly gets really big and then we have another baby in the family. I'm glad he's excited!
I like this picture of Dad and Shaye, doesn't it look like they are having a grand time?
This was the grown up's table. Aunt Virginia, Grammy, Grandpa Coach and Dad.
Then it was back to Grammy's for brownies and ice cream. Happy Birthday Brandon, hope it was a good one. Glad we were able to celebrate with you!

Monday, May 17, 2010


As some of you might remember when we went in for my ultrasound last month the gender of our little baby wasn't for sure. The lady had told us that she was 52% sure it was a boy... I think she might have been joking a little bit but it was hard to tell, she never said she was kidding. So I had my regular doctors appointment today so we had them double check so we could be more confident what our baby would be. This time there was no question our baby is a little boy, I could even tell! He looks so cute to me and I just love him so much. He is healthy and seems quite happy in his little home in my tummy. I can feel him moving around a lot which is so fun. I can't wait to meet him and glad we now have 100% confidence that we can get ready for a boy!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Uplifting Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we've had. It is Sunday evening and we just got back from a wonderful walk up some trails by our house. The weather is FINALLY nice and it was just beautiful! No wind, it was just perfect. I love days like today.
Also yesterday we had a nice uplifting experience. Shaye has been helping the missionaries in our ward teach a young man named Jarrod. Yesterday was Jarrod's baptism and he asked Shaye to perform the baptism. It was a wonderful experience to be apart of this special day for him and we were glad we could share it. Life is great and I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Texas Travels

It has been a whirlwind of a week but it has been great. I had most of the week off of work because the dentist I work for was going out of town. It worked out perfect because Mikkel needed help getting her and the boys out to Texas for the summer. So Mikkel, I and the boys hopped on a plane and headed for Texas. Well it actually wasn't that simple. Our flight was supposed to leave Tuesday night and somehow our flight was just canceled and we had to take a flight the next morning! Yes we weren't very happy about this change in our plans but it all worked out ok. We were lucky enough that we could stay at Grandma Alta's that night since we now had to be at the airport before 6 a.m. So in the end everything worked out and I had a great trip and loved my time hanging out with Mikkel and the boys. I already miss them lots:)
Traj could not have been happier to finally be on that plane headed to Texas. He had been looking forward to it and he was a great travel buddy. He is growing up so much I just love him:) Yeah and don't mind how lovely I look it was really earlier:)
Traj and I had some great times at the pool just like last year. Here he is enjoying some tasty fish crackers for our snacks.
I was very much enjoying the sunshine!
How could you not love this guys?!? He is just so darn cute!! I loved all the time to cuddle this little guy!

He even enjoyed his first pool experience, love the little monkey shorts!
Trajen is growing up so much. He was such a good little helper, setting the table and loving his little brother it's so fun to watch him grow up.
Traj and I got to be roomies and have sleep overs every night. That's what I'm missing the most waking up in the night to Traj standing next to my bed and whispering, "Ashley, can I get in your bed?" When I ask him what is wrong with his bed he'd say, "it's just that it's a mess." So I'd help him fix his bed and then lay by him til he fell back to sleep and sneak back to my bed. Traj knows he can melt my heart so easy and I'll do anything for him, all he has to do is say "Ashley" in his sweet little voice and I can't resist. In this picture he is giving his best sad face cause it was time for me to go home:( I was so sad to leave them cause I had a great time but it was great to come home to Shaye:)

Shaye came to get me in Las Vegas and we spent Mother's Day weekend with Grandma Alta and his Mom, Mike, Jenn and Branson. It was good to be together and we had a great time.
Here's everyone enjoying a nice dinner.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. This was my first Mother's Day sort of, you can see my little baby is growing and my tummy is ever expanding:)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Congratulations to Shaye!!

Yesterday we received the good news that we have been waiting months for. Shaye was accepted to the Radiography Program here at the Cedar City hospital!!! It has been months of waiting, praying and more waiting. He was also accepted to the Davis hospital in Layton and the Timpinogous Hospital in Orem, which we were also very grateful for but we were holding out to find out about Cedar. We were so relieved when he got the letter yesterday. This means we don't have to pack up and move one month before our baby is born, which I must say would have been horrible! We can stay in our home that we love, finish our backyard and stay close to our family and friends that we love so much! I can't tell you how grateful we are, (can you tell I am so excited?!?) I am so proud of Shaye for all his hard work and patience. Through this whole process he has stayed so positive and it has been a lot of waiting and wondering. Good job Shaye I love ya!
Here we are with the letter finally giving us some direction and stability in our lives. And yes as you can see my mid section is growing all the time but I love it cause it means my little boy is healthy:)
To celebrate we made a quick run to St. George to go to Costco and enjoy a wonderful dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
Shaye is loving the rolls, they are truly wonderful and they did not disappoint yesterday everything was delicious!

In other Shaye news here are some pictures from the Alumni Baseball games a couple weeks ago in Kanab. Shaye loves playing in the Alumni games and it is a really fun tradition they have started the past few years. It was a beautiful weekend in Kanab and we enjoyed the sunshine and seeing lots of old friends.
Looking good Shaye. Sadly his team lost their first game so they were out but he still looked good out there:)
Good times in Kanab, can't beat it!