Monday, January 23, 2012

Sister/Cousin Weekend!

This past weekend was a fabulous one to say the least! Shaye was going to be out of town for his traditional extravaganza with his friends so I decided to invite my sister Emily, who has recently moved to Provo to attend BYU and my bestfriend cousin Brittany who lives in Orem to come down to Cedar to have a sister/cousin getaway. I was thrilled when they agreed to come and it turned out to be a fabulous weekend. Brittany's sister Lacee is going to school down here so it was just perfect. Things were going great until late Friday night Mikkel got really sick and wasn't able to enjoy our sister/cousin time on Saturday but luckily she was feeling better Sunday and was able to join us for dinner. All in all I would say it was a complete success and we have already been planning when we will have our next getaway.
Our first night we tried to enjoy a movie after the kids were in bed but it turned out to be SUPER boring. Midnight in Paris, we do not recommend. Good thing we actually had more fun talking and laughing and staying up late like we did when we were young:)
Lacee, Brittany, Me and Ems as things really started to come alive:)
Saturday we had a full day. We started by headed to the Aquatic center for a swim. The kids loved it! Emily brought Mikkel's kids since she wasn't feeling well. I tried to take some pictures there but none of them turned out. It was to steamy in there to get a clear picture. We were thankful the water was so nice and warm though. After the pool we came home for the kids to take naps while the mom's enjoyed some down time. Here is Blake, Bridger and Peyt enjoying some tub time before it is off to bed for them.
Shaye was home Saturday night and he made us his new specialty of hot chocolate with ice cream for our late night treat. I must say it was pretty tasty!
Here is Peyton and Blake after church on Sunday. Aren't they just about the sweetest little boys you've ever seen!? Peyton loved having Blake here and Blake was so great to play so nicely with Peyt. They were too cute, Blake kept calling Peyton his bestie and he would set these little chairs close together and want Peyton to come sit by him.
Peyton loved to chase him around and try to do everything he was doing. We miss you Blake hope you come back to see us soon!!
Yay Mikkel was back with us! Here we are after we enjoyed a wonderful dinner after church.
One more of the cute boys before they had to hit the road, Blake had set the chairs up again, ha ha:) Me and Peyton are missing everyone today but we are so so thankful they came to see us and can't wait til we can get together again!! Thanks again for driving down Brittany and Emily it was a blast!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peyton's Favorite Things

I can't believe how quickly Peyton is growing up! I see his personality come out more and more everyday. He is always making me laugh at the silly things he does. Here are a few of his favorite things right now and what he's been up to.
Peyton has loved shoes for quite some time now. He always wants me to put on my shoes and put his shoes on him but lately he likes putting mine and Shaye's shoes on. At first he would get really frustrated cause he couldn't keep them on and he would fall. But I must say he has kept at it and now he is becoming quite good at walking in our shoes. He doesn't need our help to put them on anymore so he will just come walking by and I'll notice them and it makes me laugh every time:)
He continue to love to cheese it for the camera but now he knows that you can see the picture on the back so he always wants to come see what he looked like in the shot. I love those big brown eyes!
He thinks he is quite the big boy these days and does not need my help for many things that he thinks he can do on his own, like eating. He refuses to take anything from a spoon in my hand but when I hand it over to him this is what happens. I guess he has to learn some how.
This was a successful bite, maybe half of the applesauce made it in his mouth.
This weekend Peyton and his cousins got a treat when their uncle Brandon came to town and brought his new puppies. Don't ask me why Brandon now has two puppies I was very surprised myself but Peyton, Tavin and Trajen thought it was the best thing ever! Here is Peyton trying to get Tank to talk to him, they are pretty darn cute.
What a cute little thing he is and Peyton thought so to.
I think this one is Teddy.

Last but not least one of Peyton's favorite things is his Daddy! He knows when he hears the garage door open that Dad is coming home and he will run to the door and wait. It is so cute and he loves all the silly games Shaye plays with him like snakes on the bed and pillow fights. Oh the excitement Peyton brings to our lives, I don't know what we did for entertainment before?!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Happy New Year and then some

Can't believe we are into 2012! Crazy how the years keep flying by, faster and faster it seems. We had a good New Year's and 2012 is going great so far. Here are just a few pictures of Peyton sporting some of his new Christmas gifts and such.
Now doesn't he just look like a little stud muffin? Shaye and I got these for Peyt for Christmas and Shaye has some matching ones too. It is just about the funniest thing when he puts them on and he's walking around the house playing and wearing these, makes me smile every time:)
Peyton's new favorite thing, put on any clothes he sees. If he finds clothes on the floor he wants to put them on. Dad's socks and shirt almost fit him just right.
Peyton got these styling new camo jammies and matching robe from GG for Christmas. He looks like a little miniature man walking around, to cute!
Me and Shaye on New Year's Eve. We had a nice evening enjoying a nice dinner at Rusty's and then treats and games with friends. It was wonderful except when at almost exactly midnight I was running to the bathroom to ring in the new year throwing up! It was pretty awful especially since I have only thrown up once in the past ten years! I guess that wouldn't be considered getting 2012 off to a good start...hope the rest of the year goes better:)
Some more cute jammies from Gpa Chuck and Connie, wait till you see his little bum...
too cute, love the bum flap, ha ha.
Shaye enjoyed a couple days ice fishing with his Dad and Bransen during the holiday's. Looks like it was a pretty nice day...not so much for the fish of course, sorry little buddy:(
Shaye and the boys. This is Peyton and his good friend Trace Quarnberg.
Cute little guys:)