Saturday, January 23, 2010

Recent Happenings

Last week we had a fun filled family weekend. First we had my brother Brandon and Callie come stay for a day. Brandon and Callie just got engaged over New Year's. We are so happy for them and excited to have Callie in the family. We had a fun time visiting with them and hearing their plans for the big day. So congrats to them and best of luck with all the planning!
After Brandon and Callie left my cousin Brittany and her little family came to stay for a night. We were so happy to have them spot by to visit on their way home from Vegas. We had a fun time visiting and playing with her cute little boy.
Here's Blake with his new favorite find, the big yellow ball! He was pretty excited about the random things he was finding to play with.
He was also feeling pretty special since he got his very own room to stay in with this cool banana chair:) He really was quite the happy camper, glad you had a good time Blake and we hope you'll come again!!
Here we are eating a quick breakfast before it was off to church. We all look like we are still half asleep. Well it was a fun weekend and we were glad to see so many of our family, please do all come again!!

The most exciting thing that has happened this week is that Shaye made us a most delicious dinner. He has been talking about wanting to make kabob's for quite some time so we got all the fixings and he went to work. He did a great good and they turned out great!!
They were not only delicious but very colorful and pretty!
Shaye the chef:)
Yes it was kind of snowing that night but that just made them that more delicious and fun to make:)
They turned out so great we invited Jenn to come over and enjoy them with us. Good job Shaye, I'm thinking you should cook more often!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcoming in 2010

Happy New Year everyone! So I am a little late with my happy new year's wishes but I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. We sure did. Here is a run down of the weekend events...
We spent the weekend in Las Vegas visiting Grandma Alta and her sister, Aunt Shirley. Grandma took us to a little locals secret spot to watch the fireworks. If you look close you can see the fireworks in the background.
Happy New Year!!!
Shaye and Grandma Alta ready to go out on the town.
We went down town and walked through some of the fancier hotels to see how the other half lives:) It was pretty nice I must say. You can't really see but the gardens behind us was so immaculate.
Shaye especially liked these waterfalls outside.
We were so happy that we got to see Aunt Shirley who came all the way from Kansas!! We really enjoyed all our time with her this weekend and hope we'll get to see her again soon!
The weekend wasn't over yet. After Vegas it was off to Kanab for my cousin Camberly's wedding. The wedding was very lovely and I also got to see my old roommate and wonderful friend Elaine and her sweet daughter Eden. Elaine and I met when we were both going to school in Southern Virginia, we have been great friends ever since and it was so fun to see her.
As always we enjoyed our brief time with my family. Friday night when we got home we found my Dad and Nathan dancing to some rocking music! The are two funny guys but you know I wouldn't pass up the chance to join in on the dance party:)
Love you Nate!
Me, Dad and Nate trying some serious dance moves:)
And last but not least here is my newest nephew sweet little Tavin. Shaye and I got this cute little shirt for him so I had to get a picture. He doesn't look like he is enjoying the photo shot so much but he is still the cutest!