Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome home Jennica!!

We have been waiting for this day for 18 long months, sometimes it seemed it would never come. Yesterday the day finally came and Sister Jennica Jackson would be returning home from serving a mission in the Philippines. We have been counting down for months for this day and we were so anxious to get to the airport the day she would arrive. She wasn't coming in until 8 pm. Unfortunately some unforeseen events happened and we ended up in a mad race to get there. Shaye had to work until 6, which was fine and we planned to leave as soon as he got home. That afternoon a fire started in New Harmony which moved down towards the freeway and had jumped the road so of course they closed the freeway and we weren't going to be able to get to St. George that way. So as soon as we could we started out going around through Enterprise, which was going to add an extra half hour or more onto our drive. Then Jen's plane ended up arriving a half hour early so sadly we weren't there to see her make her grand entrance! We were totally bummed and Shaye was driving like a mad man and it was stressing me out, which was stressing him out. He told me at one point to just close my eyes:) We finally arrived and even though we were late we were SO very excited to see Jen and she looked great and happy!! So happy to have her home! She was a fabulous missionary and we are so proud of her!
Peyton and his Auntie Jennica!
Welcome home kisses 
Shaye and his girls
We are so glad to have you home Jen!

Now here are some fun pictures of Peyton around the house. He is seriously such a crack up sometimes, he makes us laugh everyday! He is getting so smart, which is good and bad. I swear he remembers everything and knows when I am trying to hide something from him. He is also getting taller, and you put that with his getting smarter and it's no good. He can get things off the counter and out of top drawers where I used to put things I didn't want him to get. Now I need to go through and move everything up to the cabinets! It never ends, but luckily he is just so darn cute that I can't help but love him to pieces!!
Peyton and all of his lady friends. We had another friend over last week and Peyton was loving hanging out with the girls. You see him here trying to hold Kinley's hand, she wasn't really having it but he's always trying:)
Peyton and his newest girlfriend Ava, he loved saying her name and it was just so cute.
This cracks me up. He ended up with no clothes on for some reason, probably all dirty and it was almost bath time. Then he found his boots which he never wanted to wear in the winter when I wanted him to but now he always wants to wear then! So he got one on and headed outside. Another thing he has learned is to open the outside doors so he is always trying to get outside. I have to keep the dead bolts locked to keep him in!
My little hillbilly
Loving his deer jammies. He is saying "deers" while pointing it out for us. They are pretty stinking cute jammies, thank you Aunt Shirley!
Now these pictures are just hilarious to me! After church he got his white shirt off put on dad's shoes and was walking around the house. This pose is quite hilarious, makes me laugh every time I see it!
Sure do love you Peyton! You make our lives so full of joy. Don't know what we'd do without sure would be pretty boring around here:)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

We enjoyed a great Father's Day this year. It was low key and we just enjoyed being together as a little family. I asked Shaye what he would like to do for his special day...
 and this is what it looked like. Shaye loves to fish and he loves being with his little side kick. So we headed out for an evening of fishing and a little picnic. Peyton likes to watch Shaye cast out but then he most enjoys throwing rocks in the water, which probably doesn't help in catching fish:)
 Peyton loves his Dad and loves going on fun adventures with him. Peyton is already taking after Shaye in his love of the outdoors. I'm sure they will enjoy many fishing and hunting trips in the future. Shaye is a fabulous Dad and is so great to Peyton and I. We are lucky to have him in our lives, we are blessed! What can I say I love my two little fishermen:)
 Please, no pictures! Peyton was cracking me up with his sunglasses on his hat. I don't know where he learned that from but he started doing it himself. Now he won't put them on like you should, he thinks it looks better on top of his head, funny kid:)
 Here are some bonus pictures that make me laugh. This is Kinley who I watch several times a week. Now that she is getting older her and Peyton are becoming quite good friends. It's funny Peyton thinks he needs to help her do everything and he always wants to hold her hand, it's cute:)
 I think she likes it for the most part but sometimes she wants to be independent. I must admit I love it when they hold hands and hug, it's so cute. I am sure I won't always feel that way when he's holding hands and hugging on girls when he gets older, guess I better enjoy it now:)
 These two share a love of being outside and we had a great afternoon of bubbles, watering flowers and playing baseball.
Peyton got tired so he sat down but kept playing baseball, it turned into looking more like golf. Enjoying fun times in the sun!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Peyton had the best night of his life last Saturday. We have lived in Cedar for many years now and we have never been to the Summer Games opening ceremonies but we decided to go with some friends this year. I am so glad that we did it was so much fun! Peyton honestly had a blast. I was worried how things were going to go because he hadn't had a nap all day and it was going to be a late evening but he did great and had the best time. He loved being outside, dancing with his friend Jerzi and seeing the fireworks. It was fun for us to just sit and watch him have so much fun, it was the perfect evening.
The place was packed so we set up camp on the track which turned out to be the perfect spot with plenty of room for the kids to play and we could see everything great.
It was so funny to watch Peyton and Jerzi dance around they were cracking us up! They both had some serious moves and they weren't being shy:)

More dancing, they were getting ready to do the worm it looks like.
Peyton and Daddy watching the motorcycles doing there cool jumps during the Nitro Circus part of the evening.
It was pretty sweet, you can see the motorcycle in the distance.
My favorite and probably Peyton's too was the fireworks. They do a great firework show at the summer games. I love this picture of Peyton in awe of the excitement.
Then he was just getting excited he loved all the colors and music, it was great!
The ending of a wonderful evening! 
Since Shaye was going to be working long hours all weekend Peyt and I decided to take a little trip and go visit our family up north. We had a great time going to Thanksgiving Point and visiting Farm Country there. The kids had a blasts seeing all the animals and going on a wagon and pony ride. Here are all the cute kiddos. Bridger, Kaleb, Kaija, Peyton and Blake.
We even got to catch up with Uncle Nate while we were there. My mom was in town picking Nate up from camp-K so they joined us as well. It was Dairy Days at the farm so we got to learn how to make our own ice cream by shaking it in ice in a zip lock bag. It turned out pretty good, Peyton sure thought it was tasty!
Yum Yum!
One of Peyton's favorite parts of the place was this little play house that said Kitty's Dance Hall on the front. I told him it was a dancing house and he went right in and started dancing up a storm. That kid loves to dance!
Dancing with Auntie Emily, they made quite the pair!
They are pretty cute too:)
Peyton digging in the sand for a prize at Blake's party. Saturday Brittany had a great birthday party for Blake who just turned the big 4! All the kids had a blast playing all the games and especially jumping in the pretty cool bounce house! 
It took some encouraging to get Peyton to get in the bounce house. It was very big and Peyton seemed excited but he was nervous and he wouldn't let go of me to get in. Finally my aunt Natalie was holding him and took him over to the bounce house and he was hesitant but he let her put him in. Once he got in he didn't want to get out! It did look pretty fun, I kinda wanted to get in and try it out myself:)
I spied in and found Kaija and Peyton playing so nice together. They were taking turns talking in the little microphone. Peyton would say something and then hand it to Kaija. It was too cute, and best of all they were sharing and having a great time! (It kinda looks like he is yelling at her but he's not, they were laughing:)
We always have a great time with our family and we are so glad when we get a chance to see them. We had a full weekend and then came home Saturday night so we could enjoy Father's Day with Shaye.  Peyton must have been worn out from all the fun we've been having, he slept in until 10 o' clock this morning! I couldn't believe it but it was nice to catch up on some sleep!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Around the house lately with my two silly boys. Peyton loves to play with his dad and looks froward to him coming home every day. If he thinks he hears him come in he'll start walking around the house saying, "Daddy, Daddy....Dad.....Shaye!" It is so funny it makes me laugh, if he doesn't get a response from Daddy he'll start yelling Shaye! What a funny kid he is, he makes us laugh all day. Except for when he's not feeling good then he's just sad. He was not feeling well this past week and there was mostly just sadness and whining around here. So glad that he is feeling better and back to his old self now, life is good again!:)
 Peyt and Dad playing on the stairs. Peyton loves playing on the stairs and he also knows if I say he needs to go to time out he will go sit on the bottom stair:)
 Kisses for Daddy. Peyton is a very fair kid, if he gives one of us a kiss he will always look up and offer a kiss to the other. It's so sweet of him, he wants us both to feel loved:)
 Guess they both fell asleep:) This is one of Peyton's favorite games. He will lay down anywhere and pretend to snore and be asleep. I don't know why but he thinks it is so funny and I must admit it is pretty funny, I always laugh:)
 Me and my man:)
 Peyton had a blast swimming with Daddy at his Aunt Janet's house this weekend. Peyt loves swimming especially with Dad, he loved riding around on his back and jumping in from the side.
 When things got a little to cold in the pool as the sun went down everyone headed to the hot tub. No worries it wasn't really hot just nice and warm for the kids to enjoy:)
Peyton and Janet playing and enjoying life:) It was Mataya's birthday and we were glad we could come and join in the fun!