Monday, November 26, 2012

November Overview

Here is a brief overview of some of the happenings in November for us. I had a bunch of other pictures to add to this but blogger informed me that I am out of storage and I can't upload any more pictures. That is no good, so for now this will have to do. We had some sad moments at the first of the month with our next door neighbors and wonderful friends the Jensen's moving away. We were so so sad and the last time Kinley came over to play we had to take a bunch of pictures to remember her by. Hopefully they will get to move back someday so Peyton and Kinley can be best friends again.
They were just so darn cute together. Every time Peyton hears someone knock on the door he still say's "Kinley?" every time:) 
Loving a little ring-around-the-rosies. 

Peyton went in for the kiss but Kinley wasn't having it. Better luck next time:)
We went down to Las Vegas for some fun times with GG and a day at the air show. Peyton and GG found a good spot to take a rest and try out the message chairs. Peyton actually quite liked it.
This cutie ready for a fun day at the air show!!
Unfortunately it was a little cold and windy so this is how he ended up:)
We did see a few of the airplanes and Peyt loved it. He especially like the helicopters and is still talking about them.

Can you see a person hiding behind that chair? Yep that is GG, she was freezing!! So she set up camp behind that chair to block the wind. Her Las Vegas blood couldn't handle the cold. We love you GG, thanks for putting up with us!!
I sure love when I get to spent time with my family!! Love them!!