Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mountain Trip

We enjoyed a nice drive up the mountain this weekend to check out the pretty leaf's. Sadly some of the trees had already lost theirs but it was still a pretty drive. We made several stops a long the way and took some pictures, I love the beauty of fall. Just hopes it lasts awhile longer before the winter comes.

My goodness I love these boys!

It turned into quite the little photo shoot, ha ha. What a great day, love being with my boys:)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Growing Up

Since Peyton has turned one I swear he has grown up so much each day. He is always doing something new and he's learning so much. He has officially started walking about a week or two after his birthday. One night every time I turned around he was walking after me. He started out slow and stiff. It was so funny, he would get going and then try to go faster and faster until he would fall down. Now he is getting pretty sturdy and is walking more than he crawls. He love to make animal sounds when you ask him what a cow, dog and lion say. the lion sound is his favorite, he has a great growl:) Puppies are his favorite though if there is a picture of a puppy in a book we have to look at that page 50 times!
Loving the backyard before it gets to cold.
This was when he was doing some of his best walking, he's so proud of himself.
Meet Blue, this is his favorite little buddy that he takes everywhere. It is just about the cutest thing how excited he gets when he sees him lying around. Before nap time and bed time sometimes we have to go looking for Blue and it is the cutest thing when Peyton says "Boo, Boo", makes me smile every time:)
He is really into shoes lately. He likes wearing his own shoes and he loves to try on mom and dad's shoes, they're just a little to big:)
Nothing to exciting going on here but life is good:)