Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
Since we are missing Shaye this Easter I wanted to get these pictures up so he could see them. We have had a great day enjoying time with family. Peyton had fun and was such a good boy for all the Saturday festivities. We'll have more pictures tomorrow:)
Coloring eggs this morning tired Peyton right out:) He fell asleep in middle of all the chaos.

First Easter rolling experience for the little man, he and Gramps had a great time:)

after:) He just wanted to get a closer look at the sand, he'd never seen it before. He got a good look and a good taste I'm sure. But he didn't even cry when he face planted in the sand just a look of shock like he didn't know what just happened to him.

Does he look concerned with Gramps 4-wheeling out to the spot in the van? I think he enjoyed the bumps:)
Ready for bed in his Easter jammies, it's been a great day!
Auntie Ems
Uncle Brandon...lots of good times playing with the aunts and uncles.

He sure misses you Dad but we hope you have a Happy Easter in Texas. Miss you and love you lots!!:)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Not much to are some pictures of the recent happenings around our place.

This is the life I tell ya! We were able to go to the temple last week and Emily was kind enough to hang with Peyton. It was a beautiful day and they went for a nice stroll around the temple grounds, sure looks like Peyton was enjoying himself. I love that he is putting his feet up, what a cutie:)
Peyton loved watching the water, he couldn't keep his eyes off of it!
Thanks for being so great Auntie Em's!!
Saying goodbye to Daddy before he was off to work for a few weeks! We sure miss you but thanks for working so hard for us! We love you:)
This was just too cute not to document. My Mom and Nathan have been here. My Mom is helping Mikkel with her kids and Nate's mostly been hanging at my house. He has been so sweet to Peyton. I was cleaning in the kitchen and looked over and he was showing all the toys to Peyton. Peyton would laugh when he would do his Donald Duck quacks like Grandpa Brown:) Nate likes it when the nephews are this little cause they don't take his toys, enjoy it while it lasts Nate:)

They really were having fun, it was very sweet.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun Filled Weekend

We had a busy and fun filled weekend and I am sad it is over. It has really been nice we have had a lot of fun family time. Friday we had a jammed packed day of activities. First Shaye wanted to take Peyton swimming at the new pool.
So we got all ready for a morning at the pool. Peyton even got to wear his cute robe to keep him warm:)
Look at that face. I think he's saying, "I'm not sure about this but I think I like it!" At first he wasn't to sure but he really warmed up to the idea and by the end he was loving it and kicking and splashing so much. We can't wait for summer and lots of pool days!!
After the pool we got ready and headed to Enterprise to watch Branson's baseball game. Peyton had a great time, he loved being outside and enjoying the sunshine. As did I, please let summer get here quick! Yeah I know it's still going to be awhile since this morning I woke up and saw snow falling outside!! Seriously the weather here is so strange!
Peyton had a fun time playing with his friend Trace Quarnberg. Do you just love how they are holding hands...already on there way to being best friends:)
Then to keep the good times rolling my family decided to come over on Sunday to watch conference and visit. It was so fun to have them here and as you can see they all had a fun time with the grandkids, I'm guessing that is who they really came to see:) This picture is pretty funny though, the kids were to busy to look at the camera:)
Tavin has so much curly hair Peyton couldn't keep his eyes off of it. He just wanted to pull it so so bad. Maybe because Peyton doesn't have any hair he finds it fascinating. Well he got it and he was so pleased...Tavin not so much:)