Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break with Lots of Fun and Pictures!

Well sit back and get ready to see a whole bunch of pictures! Last week was the best week we've had in awhile. Shaye had Spring Break from school and I took off some time so we could go enjoy some time in Southern Utah and California! It was oh so wonderful and we enjoyed every minute of it. To start off our little vacation we went to Kanab for the annual Larriette Review. For those that don't know this is the dance review put on by the high school dance team. I participated in the dance team all of my years of high school. The Larriette Review was always the highlight of the year. This year was my younger sister Emily's last year as a Larriette. It was so fun to go and their dances this year were great! It was such a fun night and Emily was awesome!
Here's little Em's dancing with her escort Bryce Hafen. The girls ask a boy to escort them and they learn a dance with the boys that is always lots of fun.
The best part of the Larriette Review is that the Dad's of all the girls learn a dance and perform it at the review. Most people come just for this great performance. My Dad enjoys participating in these dances very much and I must say that he is quite good:) Here he is showing off his skills in the kick line. He is the one in the middle, if you don't recognize him. Shaye's Dad also showed off his dancing skills stepping in for a dad that was unable to be there. Good job Larry:)
My Dad was even honored by the coaches because this was his 10th and final year participating in the review. They even gave him a crown and sash:) Good job Dad, thanks for supporting us in our dancing and congrats on your ten years!:)
Me, Emily and Mikkel after the review. Good job Em's you were so awesome!
Shaye and Jen having fun after the show.
The rest of Spring Break we were lucky enough to enjoy some time in sunny California. We went with Mikkel, Jerron and Trajen and we had a wonderful time! Thanks to Shaye's Dad and Kelly for letting us use their time share we stayed in Oceanside and spent a couple days at Disneyland and a day in San Diego at Sea World.
We had so much fun with Traj at Disneyland it was fun to watch him have fun. This was probably one of his favorite parts. He found some ducks to feed crackers to for a good hour. He was loving it and so were the ducks, I hope we didn't make them sick:)
The best part was it was Mikkel's Birthday so she got into Disneyland for free! After a day of riding the rides we enjoyed dinner at Cheesecake Factory and I love this picture of Mikkel with such excitement to blow out her candle. Happy Birthday Mikkel, we're glad we could spend it with you!

Shaye and I with Pluto at California Adventure.
Looking good with our bug eyes before the Bugs Life show. It was really cool I don't know how people come up with this stuff, they are so creative.
Trajen loved getting pictures with all of his favorite characters we got to meet. Lightening McQueen was possibly his favorite he didn't want to leave. We stood there and watched them for quite some time while Traj danced to the music.

It worked out perfect for us to go with Mikkel and Jerron so we could take turns going on the big rides and keeping track of little Traj. Here's Shaye and Traj just enjoying the sunshine while Mik and Jer went for a ride.
These are my favorite pictures of Traj. Wall-E was the last character we met and by this time Traj was a pro at posing. He knew just what to do. He would walk up and wave and say hi, then turn around and pose for a picture. We didn't even tell him what to do he just put his are like that and put his other had like he was holding his hand. He is such a cutie and so much fun, we just love him!

Trajen we miss you, come see us soon!

Wednesday we went to Sea World and we had a great time. I have never been there and I must say I was quite impressed. I don't know how they train the animals to do all that stuff but it was way awesome and we had a great time! Here's one of the dolphins flying high!
Cute Trajen and Mikkel enjoying the show.
Shaye and Ash enjoying their vacation!
Yikes! We're being eaten by a shark!:)
The Shamu Show was really awesome!
Everyone enjoying the Oscar the Grouch ride in Sea World.
While we were down in San Diego we had to stop and see the beautiful San Diego Temple. It really is so amazing, I hope to go back there again.
Thursday morning before we left Shaye and I walked down to the beach to enjoy breakfast and watch the surfers. We had so much fun, it got us really excited for summer to come and for warm weather! We also got to see Grandma Alta while we were there. She just happened to be staying with a friend down in California too so we met up for dinner and we were so glad we got to see her too!

And to finish things off this picture is great! Every where we went to eat we told the people it was Mikkel's birthday. Her birthday was Monday but we celebrated all week long! Here she is at Texas Roadhouse getting her birthday Ye hah!
Now we are back home and getting settled back into normal life. We hope to be hearing in the next couple weeks what hospital Shaye has been accepted to for the Radiology program. The anticipation is killing me but I will survive. As soon as we find out I will be sure to post! Hope everyone is enjoying life and all is well!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun Times With the Brown Kids

I have really not been very good at blogging lately. I have been so busy with work and then we have been out of town for the past week, which was wonderful and now I need to get caught up. So first of all a couple weeks ago we got to spend an evening with my Uncle Brants kids while he and his wife Jana went to dinner for their anniversary. We were so glad we could help them out so they could enjoy their special day together and their kids were so great it wasn't any work at all. Luckily we have a indoor pool at our apartment complex so we went swimming which the kids loved so everyone had a great time.
After we returned from the swimming pool we were a little chilly so we warmed up with some great hot chocolate prepared by Shaye. We even put some coolwhip in it. That was Heath's favorite part so we had to limit his coolwhip intake:) We are all looking like little ragamuffins cause we had just got out of the pool.
They were such great kids to watch. Rianne is so helpful and would help keep things picked up. I used to babysit Rianne often when I lived in Cedar before my mission. We had many fun times back then. I asked her if she remembered me babysitting her and she said, "No but my Mom always tells me that." She is such a cutie. Heath was great too he loved swimming and the Mac & cheese with hot dogs we had for dinner. Thanks Brant and Jana for coming to visit and letting us watch your cute kids, they were great! We hope you'll come again soon!