Monday, March 28, 2011

Random pictures:)

Here are some fun random pictures of my boys. We have been busy but nothing to exciting just work and school work for Shaye. Life is good though, sometimes no news is good news:)
Shaye and Peyton looking down on Kanab from the t.v. towers. This was Peyton's first trip up there and I don't know who was more excited, him or Shaye?!:)
This is my big eyed baby. Always wide eyed ready to play. I love those big brown eyes!
This was after Peyton's visit to the dr. for his six month check up. He had to get some shots and did so good. He was so brave, plus he's still smiling:) Most of all how can you resist him in this cute little outfit, thank you to the Quarnberg's for this one:) Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My own Suzzy Homemaker

This week has been so nice. Shaye has been home with Peyton all week cause it was his spring break. It was so nice to not worry about babysitters and such. But even better this week Shaye really took to being a busy little homemaker. On Monday when I got home he had cleaned out the garage and organized. Then yesterday he cleaned out and organized the pantry which looks SO great I must say, I was so pleased. Then while I was home for lunch he said he needed to go to the grocery store because he had decided he was going to make cookies. He found a recipe on-line and wanted to try it:) Well I think Shaye has discovered a new talent, when I arrived home from work I found Shaye and Peyton in the kitchen baking cookies. And the cookies, well they are probably the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had! Plus if you know Shaye he is somewhat of a perfectionist and they are the best looking chocolate chip cookies I have ever seen! They are all perfectly proportionate and golden brown. I have been teasing him all night and calling him Betty Crocker but really I was quite impressed. Plus I will never complain about his help around the house, it is very much appreciated! If you don't believe me about the cookies just check the pictures below:)
Did I mention he made 6 dozen cookies!! Yeah we have a lot. He had them nicely placed on this towel with another towel over the top, keeping them warm you know:) This is Betty's little side kick, he seemed to be enjoying it just as much as Dad.
My two partners in crime, love them both:) Seriously though aren't those some pretty cookies, we should have a bake sale.
Also it was St. Patrick's Day!! I had to get a picture of Peyt is his festive shirt. His great aunt Jana gave him this shirt and it is her favorite holiday. I must say he does look stinking cute in green.
This face cracks me up!
Here are a few other pictures of whats been happening around here. This is Peyton and his friend Jerzi Engle enjoying their first play time together.
Shaye took Peyton to watch the Cedar baseball game this week. First time out in a baseball cap, looks like he's ready to join the team.
It has been pretty nice this past week or so. Last weekend Peyt and I ventured out on our first walk of the season. It was great and I can't wait til it warms up more so we can go everyday!
Also last weekend we were able to attend Shaye's step brother, Brendan's wedding. It was very nice and always fun to see family and friends.
Congrats to Brendan and Sage the new married couple!
Here's the old married couple:)
Me and Emily. Always fun to see little Em's:)
The two handsomest dudes there!
Fun times. Oh did I mention that my little baby turned 6 months this week! Oh my he is growing up so fast! He is really starting to figure out how to move around it's so crazy! He loves to play on his tummy and has started to pull his legs under and is getting really strong pushing up on his arms. He doesn't like to hold still. I think he's got a tooth making it's way through which isn't so fun, makes our happy boy sad:( I just can't believe he's half a year old! Time goes by so quickly! We love you little Peyton!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Skills

Look what I can do!! It is so crazy to me how babies learn. All the sudden one day they can just do something new. The other day I set Peyton down and thought we'll just see if he can sit up by himself for a minute and he did! He's been working on it but always fell over. But now he's got it down. We're so proud of you little Peyton, you're just growing up so fast!
He is always so willing to give a smile, I can't get enough of him!
He loves chillin in the boppy playing with his toys.
Here are just some random around the house pictures from this week. It's been a good one

There's always lots of laughter with Daddy around!
He loves hanging with me in the kitchen while I make dinner and do dishes and such.
Being silly at dinner time. He is doing really good at eating rice and he also really likes pears and sweet potatoes, yum!
Look who's smiling cause it's Friday! The sun was shining today so we even went on a little walk!
Bring on spring we say, bring it on!!!