Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Skills

Look what I can do!! It is so crazy to me how babies learn. All the sudden one day they can just do something new. The other day I set Peyton down and thought we'll just see if he can sit up by himself for a minute and he did! He's been working on it but always fell over. But now he's got it down. We're so proud of you little Peyton, you're just growing up so fast!
He is always so willing to give a smile, I can't get enough of him!
He loves chillin in the boppy playing with his toys.
Here are just some random around the house pictures from this week. It's been a good one

There's always lots of laughter with Daddy around!
He loves hanging with me in the kitchen while I make dinner and do dishes and such.
Being silly at dinner time. He is doing really good at eating rice and he also really likes pears and sweet potatoes, yum!
Look who's smiling cause it's Friday! The sun was shining today so we even went on a little walk!
Bring on spring we say, bring it on!!!


Hollie said...

He's sitting! So big already? I love that his smiles are huge all the time.

Brittany Peterson said...

His face is so darling in every picture. What a cutie!

Brant and Jana said...

He is so smiley!!!