Monday, May 30, 2011

Red Cliffs

Here are some pics of our weekend activities. We found ourselves making two visits to the Red Cliffs area. It was Peyton's first hiking experience and he loved it! Our first time there on Saturday we hadn't planned to go, we planned to go fishing. Shaye fished for a while but when some not so polite people decided to jump in the water and swim 5 feet from where he was fishing he decided we were out of there. He wasn't too happy about it. But I had made us a nice little picnic so I insisted that we were going to eat it somewhere in the outdoors:) We were at Quail so we just went across the highway to Red Cliffs and had a great time. It even put Shaye back in a good mood:) Peyton loves to be outside as you can see from the pictures, there is so much to see and hear. It is a good time for all and we are grateful for some warmer weather so we can be outside!
Peyton enjoying dipping his toes in the water.
Does it look like Peyt is scared to death?! I promise he was happy and he seemed to like it:)
Loving the picnic

And Peyton has a new favorite thing, rocks and dirt!
So we had such a good time we decided to go back and really go on the hike on Monday. We invited Brandon and Kashae to come and we had a great time!
Peyton enjoyed the hike in the comfort of his pouch:)

I love this picture, so pretty with the water and Peyton looks so grown up! I love my boys!
After all this playing in the dirt somebody needed a bath and he loved that too!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baseball and Graduation

The warmer days are coming and we are enjoying it. If the sun is shining we are outside loving it! We have still had some yucky days but it is getting better. Last weekend we headed to Kanab to enjoy watching Shaye play in the Alumni baseball tournament. We all had a great time Shaye's team won their first game and lost the 2nd. He was just happy to get to play a couple games. It was fun to watch and Peyton loved being outside and seeing all his grandparents. It was a great weekend and to top things off we attended Bransen's Seminary graduation Sunday night. We had to come back to Cedar for work Monday and then it was back to Kanab Tuesday for Bransen's high school graduation. We have done a lot of driving the past week or so but it was worth it for goods times in Kanab:)
Peyter's having fun sporting his rug burned nose and watching the games with Grandpa Jackson.
Can't get enough of this little face
Here's Shaye showing he's still got some skills!:)
Congrats to Bransen on Seminary graduation, we're proud of you!!
The Jackson boys
We didn't even tell Peyton to smile, it is so funny to me when he sees a camera he knows he is supposed to smile:)
I love this cause you can see Peyton hair! It is getting longer and thicker. Shaye did his hair all spiffy for big night.
Peyton's smiles are cracking me up lately. He is such a cheeser and he was so good through the graduation ceremony. It helped that there was lots of clapping, every time he would be startled and get quiet and just look around for awhile, it kept him on his toes:)
Got to love these good looking boys, plus love this extreme cheese by Peyton, ha ha. Congrats again Brans, great job!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First boo boo

Our little guy is growing up so fast. With growing up comes bumps and bruises along the way. I hate that it has to happen but it's part of life. Peyton is growing and learning and becoming braver everyday. He is always trying to do something new. He's learning to pull himself up and things and is always trying to get things out of reach. Last night he was crawling around and such and somehow did a little nose dive and got a floor burn on his nose:( Poor little guy but he's still the cutest thing I've ever seen! Plus Peyton has turned 8 months!! Wow I can't believe how quickly time goes by.
Peyton and Mommy, getting ready for bed.
And here is the boo boo:( His poor little nose but still happy as ever and always with a smile!:)
We have finally brought out the highchair and he loves it! He can work on feeding himself some little things and he is enjoying that very much! Why do you have to grow up Peyton I just want you to stay little.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy May!

We were so excited around our house for May to be here! We have been enjoying nice weather and good times together. That was until this morning when I looked out and saw that it was SNOWING outside! So depressing. I could hear it raining and thundering all night and that was fine but snow, that is just not ok! No walk for us today, Peyton will bummed he really enjoys his walks. Oh well life will go are some fun pictures of our little cutie lately. He is growing up so fast! He will be 8 months this week, how time flies. Peyton has just got his first tooth and he has been quite mobile. He has learned to crawl. He'll only do a few crawls so far which is fine with me. I'm not ready for him to be all over the place just yet. I love to see his personality develop. Peyton is a very easy going and happy boy. He seems to be very social. He always enjoys being around lots of people and will share his smile with all. He has become quite vocal and getting louder everyday it seems, I love to hear his chatter:) The number one comments that I always get from strangers is..."He has the biggest eyes, do they always look like that?" Yes he always has the wide eyed look, he is very alert and attentive. We couldn't love this little guy any more, but it seems my love grows for him everyday. We love being your parents Peyton thanks for making our home such a happy place!
So yes Peyt's eyes are usual wide open, especially for pictures but lately when I go to snap a picture he seems to be anticipating the flash and he will squint his eyes, so funny it cracks me up. If you click on the picture and make it big you can see his little white tooth:)
Love this of our little slugger at his uncle Branson's baseball game this weekend. We loved being out in the sun!!
These are some pictures of our trip to Grandma Alta's "GG" to pick up Shaye when he got home. Peyton had a great time with GG and she had a wonderful time with him.
Enjoying bath time, one of the best times of the day Peyton would say!
Peyt wasn't sure what to think of the grass in GG's backyard. It took him a little bit to get used to it but then he liked it and enjoyed trying to eat the rose petals.
I love my little boy he is such a sweetie! Don't you ever grow up Peyton, just stay little! I love you!