Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out of Time

The past six weeks has flown by and it has been so wonderful to be home and enjoy watching sweet little Peyton grow and change. He is my new best buddy, I love talking to him and working so hard to get a smile out of him:) Starting Monday it's back to work for me and we'll see if I survive. I'm trying to have a positive attitude about the whole thing, it will all work out I'm sure. People have to do it all the time right? Well here are some pictures of our little man, he really is such a joy in our lives.
One of my favorite things...I love when he puts his little head on his hands when he's resting on my shoulder, I love it:)

Hi everybody, I'm one month old today!
Here I am six weeks old today! He is such a little cutie and he has started smiling and it is the best! I was working so hard to get him to smile and caught it on camera, my face was exhausted from all the smiling!
But it was worth it and I caught him!!
This is the other face we often get. This is mad face, but I still love it, he's just so cute to me:)
Peyton chillin with Dad, doesn't he look so big sitting there all by himself?!
And finally Shaye got a deer! We are so proud of him especially Peyton as you can see. I feel like the deer hunt was very long this year but finally it is over for another year and he got one so we can have meat for the winter.
Good job Shaye!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time Gone by to Fast

I can't believe how quickly time is going by. Our little Peyton will be a month old tomorrow! Crazy! This past month has been so fun for me to just be home enjoying being a mom. It has been an adjustment having our little guy here but we love it. Peyton is growing and changing already, he can hold up his head really well and is usually a happy camper as long as his belly is full:)
Here are just some random pictures from the past month.
I just love this picture of Peyton and my Grandpa Brown, Peyton looks like he has a cute little smile on his face. He loves his Great Grandpa Brown, they both have dimples in their chins:)
I try so hard everyday to get pictures of Peyton when he is up looking around but as soon as I start taking pictures he gets mad and stops holding his head up. I will have to improve my skills of catching him at good moments, I have so much to learn:)
Luckily the weather was nice last weekend so we could go watch Brandon's football game at Snow College. It was so fun to watch him play and see most of my family. Peyton enjoyed the game and was so good on our first little trip together.
This was the first time that Peyton met uncle Brandon, I think they liked each other:)
This week has been so fun because my wonderful friend Katy came to visit for a few days. Mikkel invited her to come stay while her husband was out of town and we had a blast visiting and reminiscing about the good old days growing up together. We had many good laughs about how silly we were and I'm so glad we had the chance to catch up. I can't believe we are grown up and having our own families, crazy how the time has gone by.
Peyton is finally enjoying bath time. He used scream but now he's decided it's quite relaxing, here he is just chillin and enjoying the good life. His little tub is so cool I want one like it:)
These are some cool pictures from a repelling trip Shaye just went on. Sure looks cool but I don't think I could ever do it.
Here's Shaye making his way down this very scary drop off, seriously I couldn't do this.
Shaye made it down, here is the view from the bottom looking up, crazy!!
It's been a good month can't believe it's gone by so fast.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Peyton's 1st Photo Shoot

Our little Peyton is quite photogenic, (he must get that from his Dad too). We took our first trip away from home this weekend to Kanab and had my Dad take some pictures of Peyton before he grows up to fast. Here are a few of my favorites. The best ones are the unplanned ones my dad took while we were watching conference, he was just in his jammies but they turned out the best, good thing you took those ones Dad, thanks:) He is such a cutie and it's a good thing cause he's been a stinker this weekend! He didn't sleep very good a way from home so we are heading home and hoping that we can all get some sleep. Enjoy the pictures, he is already changing so fast.

Love you little Peyton!