Monday, March 26, 2012

Catch up

Here are some pictures of our little trip to Kanab a couple weeks ago. Peyton loves going to Kanab and this time was possibly his funnest time yet!! There were lots of people to give him tons of attention and he was loving every second of it!! We had fun playing at my grandparents house with everyone that was also there for the weekend. McKay and His family were in town along with Brant and Jana and their kids. Plus we got to meet Brant and Jana's new little one Bennett and he is just the cutest little thing, so glad we got to meet him. I always have so much fun visiting with everyone and laughing together. Peyton thought he was the star of the show and was pretty happy being the center of attention making everyone laugh and playing with all the kids.
Peyton also had a blast playing at Grandpa Larry's house. Kelly made us a Thanksgiving style dinner that was great and Peyton loved chasing around poor Freddy, (their dog). He was so funny, I am sad I didn't catch a picture of him and Freddy. Peyt would lay down on the floor and get right in his face and just laugh.
This was St. Patrick's day and he was sporting some green. He found some bead necklaces and was enjoying getting them all tangled.
Sunday morning he got to hang out with Gramp's Brown while we got ready for church. He was having fun watching Gramp's iron his shirt and give Uncle Nate and quick haircut:) His seat was on the dryer and he happily sat there and watched. He loves Gramp's and as soon as he sees him he just wants to follow him around all day:)
These are just some random pictures from a few days ago. This picture just makes me laugh. I feel like he looks like it's his first day of school or something. He's got his little puppy friend, Bruce:)
His newest skill is opening all the doors. He loves to open and close the doors, when he opens them he says, "hi" and then he'll close the door and say, "bye bye".
Peyton looks like a happy little puppy here. We went to the car wash and let Peyton get out of his seat and watch, he thought it was pretty cool, he loves hanging out in the truck with Dad:)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Fever

Peyton and I have have a bad case of spring fever right now. We can't wait for spring to fully be here and then summer!! Every chance we get when it's warm enough we head outside. Peyton has figured out how to open the door now so he's always trying to get outside. I have to keep the dead bolt lock so he doesn't escape:) We have had a couple really really nice days and we have enjoyed them!!
The other day when it was really nice we decided to take a pic nic to the park and it was fabulous. We had some friends join us and Peyton could not have been happier:)
Peyton has found the joy of the slide! Trajen was so nice to go down with him and he loved it!
Then he tried out the smaller slides by himself, oh the joy:)
Then it was to the swings which were another huge hit!! You can see the smile and joy on his sweet little face:)

Then this week we took a little trip up north for Shaye to go to class up at Weber and we were able to spend some time with my cousin Brittany and her cute little kids. Peyton and I had so much fun visiting and playing. This is Peyton and Bridger playing in a log at the play area at the mall. Peyton thought this place was great he didn't want to leave.
He thinks he is so big and independent these days. He just walked right over and climbed up the stairs of the tree house and walked over and sat down on the slide so I just waited to see what he would do and he just went on down. Then he climbed up and went back around and did it again and again like 20 times. Look at that smile, he couldn't be happier:)
Then he got bored of going down on his bum and he decided to turn around and go backwards. He didn't go down head first he turned around and went feet first. It is so much fun to watch him learn and experience new things, there really isn't anything better right now!!