Tuesday, September 25, 2012

5 years down...

Shaye and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary a couple weeks ago. We have never really done anything special for our anniversary just the usually dinner out and that was it. So this year we decided to get a way for the weekend and we had a wonderful time! Jen was nice enough to stay home with Peyton so we really could enjoy a weekend away. We went up north and enjoyed some peaceful shopping and then a delicious dinner at Tucanos that evening. It really was such a fun evening. I felt young again without worrying about Peyton and just enjoying dinner and the fun date night atmosphere as we walked around the River Woods area. We really had a delightful time I must say:) 
The next day we got to go and fulfill one of Shaye's dreams. For some reasons as long as I can remember he has been saying he wants to go horseback riding. So when he found out that my brother Brandon's girlfriend Jessica had access to horses he asked her if we could come ride them. Jessica and her dad were nice enough to let him live his dream, haha:) We had a great time up in the hills and did some horseback riding and roasted some pretty tasty hotdogs and Shaye was happy!
Happy 5 years to us!! Can't believe how the time is flying by!
I loved that the leaves had started changing colors, it was so pretty!!
Cowboy Shaye, he just needs a hat!:)
Didn't know if he was going to come back he was so happy to be riding off. He said he and the horse were one.
Looks like a natural to me!
We went for a nice ride together.

Riding off into the sunset. 
Here's to 5 more years...and then forever more! Love you Shaye!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to Peyton!!

I can't believe our little Peyton turned TWO this past weekend!! I can't believe two years have gone by since he entered our lives but at the same time I don't really remember what life was like before we had him. I can't believe how much he is learning and changing all the time. He has become quite chatty and loves to repeat everything he hears. He loves to say "you ok Mommy?...hurry!...here you go...and I need water, juice, hold you, and anything else he can think of that he "needs". I love to watch him learn and figure things out. He loves to jump and shows his skills off for people all the time and he loves climbing. We have been celebrating his birthday for a couple weeks now and I think he quite enjoyed it! He loved blowing out the "fire" as he would say and opening presents. And of course he loved all the cake and ice cream:) We were in Kanab a few weeks ago so my mom decided to get him a little cake to let him blow out candles and open presents from her and gramps. He loved it and it was fun to watch him enjoy it.
Here he is flashing two fingers to let you know how old he is.
Got so excited to have us sing to him and see the "fire" he would get to blow out.
Umm that's some good cake:)
Yay, presents!! This was the first time he was really into opening them and really got what to do.
On his actual birthday we enjoyed opening more presents! He got so many fun things from so many people that love him, he is so lucky!! 

He loved this singing card from Great Grandpa Chuck and Connie. He couldn't believe that it started singing every time he opened it! 
Exhausted after opening all those presents! He had to try on his new tennis shoes from GG, he loves them!!
Aunt Janet was so nice to invite Peyton to come over for a nice swim for his birthday! He loved it and she even let him invite his cousins to come enjoy the fun with him! He is the king of the pool on his special day.
More cake and candles for him to blow out. Take notice of how nicely the letter are placed on the cake. Shaye was the cake decorator. I was going to do it but he pushed me aside and said he would take care of it. He did a great job I think!
He was so excited he blew the candles out before we finished singing the song!
So we had to light them and do it again...he didn't mind:)
Peyt showing off his new hat and backpack we got him. We love you Peyton! Thank you for bringing so much joy and excitement to our lives!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing catch up

We have been so busy the last few weeks with lots of things going on in our lives that I have gotten so behind in my posts. Shaye has started school again and it is going to be one long year as he finishes the last part of the program! I will be so happy when next summer rolls around and we can be done with this craziness! Until then here are a bunch of pictures to catch up on what we've been up to. Despite Shaye's crazy schedule and the things in our lives we have found time to do some fun things together.
It is officially football season! Peyton likes to watch football with Shaye on t.v. and last night when it would go to a commercial he would say, "I need football." haha it was pretty funny, that is his new thing now he says "I need..." all day long now. He needs a lot of things! Anyways Peyton got this football painted on his cheek at a little fair and he loved it! He was so sad when it washed off in the tub. He said, "my football" as he saw the paint in the water:(
Shaye took his brother Bransen on a quick trip to an Angels game in CA before Bransen headed off on his mission. He's been gone a few weeks now and we miss him but we are so happy for how well he is doing in the MTC!
Enjoyed a nice night of fishing with the Lee family. Peyton and Jaxon could have thrown rocks in the water all night! 

They were pretty impressed with how far their dad's could throw rocks. Every time they'd let one fly you could hear the boys saying, "WOW!" :)
We were lucky to have my brother Brandon and his girlfriend Jessica come visit us for a weekend. We had so much fun hanging out and Peyton LOVES showing off for those two. This is Brandon and Peyton up at the Lake on the Hill enjoying a wonderful evening.

It was a great time had by all that evening, Shaye helped Trajen catch a fish and he couldn't have been happier!
Peyton with Brandon and Jess on our nice ride up the mountain.

One night Shaye had been sitting behind me rubbing my neck, which was very nice. After Shaye got up and moved Peyton climbed right up and took over! It was pretty funny. I love my Peyton, it was a light massage but I could feel the love:)
Labor Day we went to the parade for the county fair and these boys had a blast! They collected more candy than they knew what to do with! Peyton sure loves his cousins Traj and Tav. So glad they like playing together.

Latter that day we got to enjoy some fun swimming at Aunt Janet's house. Peyton had a blast, he loves being in the water!
Shaye and I ran the KTX 5-k/10-k race that my dad was organizing. It turned out to be  a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it. Shaye on the other hand was just mad he didn't get one of the cool medals. It wasn't on the street it was a trail race that went up and around those mountains behind us so it was a run/hike, really it was lots of fun!
Brandon and Jessica ran it with us too. I'd say it was a success and a good time for everyone and what a beautiful morning!
Showing Peyton where his mom and dad grew up from up in the hills.
Showing peyton some love, he wasn't loving it so much!:)
These are good times right here...love my little family!