Saturday, January 22, 2011

4 Months and Visitors

I LOVE the weekends!! I can't even tell you how much a love and look forward to the weekends. I seem to have a renewed energy come Thursday night. I guess just knowing I don't have to go to work for a few days and I get to stay home and enjoy 3 whole days with my boy, there is nothing better:) It was a good week and another fabulous weekend. We've had some visitors this week which we always love, my mom was here at the first of the week and then Grandma Alta and Glenda came to visit for the weekend. Peyton had his 4 month check up and he's just growing right up! Here are some pictures to enjoy:)
Look what Shaye caught Peyton doing, they text so young these days! (I think Dad might have set him up:)
"I'm not doing anything..."
What a cutie

Grammy J and her two cuties in their matching outfits she brought them.
Things I want to remember about Peyton at 4 months...
-He loves to suck on his two first fingers.
-He's full of lots smiles and giggles, really he has been such a happy guy lately and it's so much fun!
-He LOVES to look at himself in the mirror, especially when he's naked:) He jumps up and down and smiles from ear to ear at his good looking self. He does a little dance we call his two step, he mostly picks up his left foot and taps it up and down.
-He is enjoy tummy time much more than he used to and he's working real hard on rolling over but he hasn't quite got it yet.
-He can pretty much sit up on his own.
-He seems to have an easy going attitude and does well in many different situations.
-He loves a party! The more people the better, he loves to be close to the action and watch different people.
-We love him more each day, if that is even possible!?! Happy 4 months Peyton!
Here's Peyton giving GG those smiles she loves:)
Standing tall to show how big he's getting.
Horsey rides with GG. What a great weekend! Peyton definitely enjoyed it:)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bath Time Fun

Peyton has been LOVING his bath time lately. He has been growing up so much this week he's had a lot of firsts! He's getting bigger so I graduated him from part of his bath tube that just kind held him in the water to the bigger part of his tube so he could sit up. He loved it! He discovered that he could splash and it was great! Arms and legs flying and water going every where! I got him out when he was still laughing and having fun cause I was afraid he was going to hurt himself with all the craziness:) Then he has gotten to big for cradle part that fits on the top of his pack and play that he has been sleeping in since day one so we have been working to transition him to his crib. It took a couple tries and some tweaks to his crib but yesterday he took his first nap in the crib and then slept the whole night in his crib!! I was so proud! My little boy is just growing up already:) It's been a great week with lots of firsts, we sure love you Peyton. You're growing up so fast and we love to watch every minute of it!
He's thinking this is pretty neat!

Getting so big!
Checking out his bath toys:)
No one likes to get out when the fun's over:(
Lovin' the airplane ride
Peyton and his best buddy, Daddy:)
Look at you getting so big!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

It was a Happy New Year!

This is going to be a random post. I wanted to post these pictures of Peyton in his cute New Year's shirts and then some other random ones but it was a wonderful New Year's and we are now enjoying 2011! Can you believe that?! It seems so crazy how the years have just flown by and I am sure they will just keep on flying!
Peyton's all ready to head out for the New Year's festivities at Mikkel's house, we had lots of fun eating good treats and playing games with friends.
Peyton loved sporting his shirt reminding everyone he was born in 2010:) I have decided that 2010 is a cool year to be born. It will always be easy to figure out how old he is:)
He never holds still, gotta love the blurry hands, he was getting excited.
These are some random family pictures that we took with my family over the Christmas holiday. My parents gave us all these cute matching sweaters, it was pretty funny when we all opened them at the same time:) You're wondering why we are all laughing? Well that is the only way we could get Trajen to smile so we all had to laugh real hard. It worked, Traj looks great, but the rest of us look a little silly! Tavin and Peyton don't seem to be phased by it:)

I love the last picture. It has been FREEZING here in Cedar so this is how we keep little Peyt warm when going out side, so cute.