Sunday, July 28, 2013

Visit to GG's House

Peyton and I decided that we needed to get out of town cause Shaye was really busy working long hours and we were just going to be left home alone. So I asked Peyton where he wanted to go and he said GG's house!! He was so excited to ask her if we could come and was so happy when she said yes! We headed down and spent a couple of days and had a fabulous time together!
 We spent one day at the Children's Museum and Peyton's favorite part was this train they had that he pretended to drive. It was really hard to convince him to get out!!
 These two love to play together! They are a couple of silly kids! 
 Peyton gets so timid and shy when there are a lot of kids or people around that he doesn't know and there were A LOT of kids running around like crazy at this place! So he was to scared to go down the slide by himself so we went together. We did it a few times, it was great fun!
 Coloring and using scissors for the first time at the art station. He was really enjoying cutting the paper. Looks like it's time to hide all the scissors!!
 We played so hard we came back to GG's and Peyton crashed on my bed. Which is very unusual for him to fall asleep like that but we were playing hard! Our playing tired everyone out cause I went out to the family room and found GG asleep on the couch too!:)
 Had fun watching the airplanes come in for a landing and take off. Only problem it was so stinking hot outside!! We didn't last to long, we were melting.
 The next day we went to the Natural History Museum. This place was great and Peyton loved it and seemed to enjoy it more than the Children's Museum as did GG and I! There weren't many people there so it wasn't crazy like the other place and we could just enjoy it. It was fabulous!
 Plus Peyton loves dinosaurs and he loved seeing these huge guys. He is still talking about it!

 Love these two!
 Just a couple of cavemen in their hut!:)
 They had a fun kids center that Peyton loved exploring. He was the only kid in there so he had a free run of the place!
 Cool fish tanks.
And his favorite, a yellow submarine he could drive! Another thing that was hard to tare him a way from. It was a great trip to GG's house we both had so much fun!

Monday, July 22, 2013

4th of July 2013

The 4th of July is my second favorite holiday coming in just after Christmas. I love it cause the whole day we spend with family. No one has to work everyone is just relaxed and spends the day together, I love it! We always love to go to Kanab for the 4th for that reason to be with family but also cause it is so fun to participate in all the small town activities and see old friends and other people around town. This year was another great 4th! 
 This is how the morning started off...somebody was a little grumpy. We had driven over early that morning from Cedar and at the parade Peyt just wanted to sit by himself. No worries he warmed up and had great day after this!
Peyt loved playing with Aunt to be Jess and Uncle Brandon! We are all so excited they are engaged and will be getting married in a few months!!

There was this random huge turtle at the park which Peyton loved seeing. He was quite a fast turtle and was cruising around the park. (It wasn't completely random it was there with some kind of animal sanctuary.)
Shaye was the master griller for our big BBQ that night. My Dad just got a new bbq and Shaye got the privilege of breaking it in. He did not disappoint and the hot dogs looked awesome and the burgers were tasty! Everyone decided to name his awesome hot dogs, Shaye dogs!!
He also made some delicious grilled pineapple that was fabulous!!
It was a beautiful night for a little family picture.
All the kids went out on the golf course to play. Peyton loved chasing Gramps around and playing soccer.

The big boys enjoyed a good game of basketball.

Then it was off to the fireworks!! It was a fun time for all and I loved the the big booming sound off of the red mountains.

Happy 4th of July!!
Shaye doesn't get much sleep with his crazy work and school schedule. He falls asleep any chance he gets.
Peyton playing with Great Grandpa Brown. I love seeing Peyton play with Grandpa, he is such a wonderful Grandpa and I hope he'll be able to remember him.
We went on a fun 4-wheeling adventure with Gramps Brown and went on a fun hike up to Montezuma's Caves with everyone. Peyton loved the bumpy ride and the hike to the caves.
I was pretty proud of myself. I was the first one to make it to the caves with my broken toe and I was wearing flip flops! haha 
Love this beautiful scenery!
We all made it!
We ended are fun week in Kanab with a some time at the pool. Peyt and Dad had lots of fun and curled up for a rest. Bet you don't know where Peyton is?! He is so funny he always wants to be completely covered in his towel! haha