Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our Big Announcement

We are so excited to announce that Shaye and I are expecting our first little baby on September 12th!! We have finally told all of our family so we can share this exciting news with everyone. We have kind of told people slowly over the past few weeks. We had some birthdays in our family's so we thought that would be a fun way to tell some of them. I must say it is much easier to just come out and say it cause sometimes people don't catch on to your creativity...for instance my family:)
So here was our first announcement. It was Nathan and Emily's birthday a couple weeks ago and we were with my family to celebrate. So I thought this would be fun I'll make a shirt for Nate that says World's Best Uncle. (Actually it was Mikkel's idea:) Anyways so I did and thought everyone would get it since it was from me and Shaye and we currently don't have any kids. I had also written in the card that it was from Ashley, Shaye and New Baby. Well Nate opened it and was excited about the shirt and put it right on proudly and everyone was like oh that's nice Nate's the best, but they didn't get it. Nate had pulled out the card but he handed it to my Grandpa who sent it aside. Finally Mikkel got the card and read it out loud. When she read the new baby my mom finally got it and started getting all excited and I looked over at my dad who was still just starring off in space oblivious to what had just happen. Finally my mom said "Matt did you hear that, Ashley is going to have a baby!" So needless to say ten minutes later everyone was finally all on the same page:)
Oh good times it is really funny now and everyone is very excited!:)
Next it was Shaye's sister Jennica's birthday so we thought we'll try it again. We had Jenn and her roommates over for dinner and gave her a gift and in the card it said from Shaye, Ashley and New Baby! Well her and her roommates were much quicker to catch on. This is Jenn's face right after she had read the card and heard the news. She was way excited!
We are glad that Jenn lives so close so we can see her often. These are her roommates Annie and Aspen.
So Happy Birthday again to Jenn. After we got back from our cruise we were able to spread the good news to all of our family and we are happy that everyone is so excited! I feel lucky because I haven't been sick at all and I'm feeling good. I'm tired, hungry and slowly growing around the waist, but I feel great! We will find out in 3 weeks or so if it is a boy or a girl and we can't wait! Look below on the next post for pictures from our cruise.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Last week Shaye and I were living the good life in the sunshine cruising around Mexico! It was so wonderful and warm and we enjoyed every minute of it. We cruised from L.A. to Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. It was great and here are some pictures to document our time there, enjoy.
First day out to sea just soaking up the sun!!

Shaye had fun participating in the 3 on 3 basketball and dodgeball tournaments on the boat. Here he is playing some basketball.
Our favorite show on the boat was the ice show. There was an ice skating rink on the ship and they had a great ice show. I thought it might be a little cheesy and not so good but we were quite surprised because it was really very good!
Our first formal night Shaye looking sharp:)

These are our wonderful dinner friends. The couple on the left were from L.A. and the couple on the right are from Scottland. They were both very interesting and we enjoyed visiting with them each night.
I thought our ship was very nice and loved all the creative decorations. My favorite was these cool flowers, so pretty.
This was our favorite towel animal. Shaye became good friends with him, I think they look a lot a like, don't you!?:)
Here we are at our first stop, Cabo San Lucas. It was a beautiful day and we loved our time there.
We went on a fun little tour to go snorkeling, whale watching and kayaking. I jumped in and took a quick look at the fish and I was done. I prefer to be above the water. I really liked the kayaking so I did that and Shaye snorkeled:)
If you click on this picture you can see the whale in the middle of the boats. Every time someone saw a whale all the boats would come flying over to see him. We saw tons of whales and it was pretty neat, they are such huge animals!
The next day we stopped in Mazatlan and it was definitely not as cool as Cabo. We tried to walk to the old down town area and got lost. It is a dirty city and I wouldn't care to go back there. We finally found the down town and the only cool thing was this old Church. This wasn't our favorite stop.
We did find this cool dog on our long walk. They were trying to get out and I'm sure glad they couldn't!
I couldn't upload anymore pictures to this post so look below for the rest of the trip on the next post:)

Cruising continued!!

Here is the rest of the cruise continued...
Here we are enjoying some time in our room after a long day of walking in the hot sun. We decided to order some of the free room service. It was great!

This was in Puerto Vallarta. We stopped on this bridge and there was this huge iguana chilling in the trees.

These are some of the beautiful views of the ocean in Puerto Vallarta. This was my favorite stop of the cruise.
While there we went on a great tour of the whole city and it even had a stop at a Tequila Factory. Everyone got to try several samples and we enjoyed watching everyone. The people with us asked if they could have extra since we weren't having any:)
The best stop of the tour was this beautiful little spot with waterfalls and natural pools. This crazy guys was diving off the rocks blindfolded!

So beautiful!
One of the really fun things to do on the boat was the ice skating rink. Shaye really enjoyed it and thought he wasn't too bad. I love ice skating, I like to pretend I'm really good when I'm not! I always dreamed I would be an ice skater in the Olympics...maybe someday:)
Look at Shaye showing off his skills:)
The last night all the waiters sang us a goodbye song. We loved our waiters, they were the best!
Looks like we've been gone to long. I'm starting to look a little crazy. Shaye caught me at a great moment, I obviously not prepared but he sure thought it was funny. We had a BLAST but it is nice to be home. We are finally getting settled back into normal life and definitely missing the sunshine!