Saturday, February 26, 2011

Family time

We have had some fun family time this week. We love spending time with family and luckily I got a lot of fun pictures!
I watched Traj and Tav the other night and we had a great time. Here's Peyt and Tav enjoying their dinners. Don't they look enthused? I told them to smile but they didn't listen:)
This weekend Shaye was out of town working so we Peyton and I went down to St George. My whole family was coming over and we celebrated Nathan's 16th birthday!! Peyton had tons of fun playing with everyone, here he is with his Grammies, Great Grammy was teaching him how to knit:)
Dad and Nate relaxing watching the basketball game.
Nate loves baby Peyton. He asked to hold him several times, Nate loves all his nephews!
Peyt and Gramps
We went bowling and out to dinner to celebrate Nate's birthday. He loves bowling and he loves pizza, so that's what we did.

Gramps teaching Traj some tricks
I love my boy and we had a great weekend together but we are so happy to have Daddy home. Peyton and Shaye are playing as we speak, Peyton was so happy to see him...and so was I:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 Month update

Happy 5 months to our little Peyton!
I can't believe that Peyton is already 5 months old, the months are going by so quickly and he's growing up so fast. I can barely keep up with the little guy! I love him more and more each day I can hardly stand it. Who knew you could love someone so much!?! His smile melts my heart and I'd do anything for him to be happy. He's been a little sick this past week and it made me so sad. He's doing much better now and is chipper as ever.
He's been so much fun to play with he loves to be talked to and tickled. I swear he's ticklish all over. Sometimes he just starts giggling and we don't even know what he's laughing at. He loves his Dad! Shaye doesn't even have to try he says one word to Peyton and he just starts giggling. I have to work so hard for those laughs but for Shaye he's giving up for nothing!
He's such an easy going happy little man. His favorite game is eat my fingers. He puts his hand in front of your month and he wants you to pretend to eat is fingers. He loves it! It never gets old he could do it all day:)
He has started rolling over. He still needs a little encouragement and nudge to get over, he always gets stuck on his arm. He is a mover though he is always kicking and jumping, he's not much for holding still. We think he might turn out to be a swimmer. When he's on his tummy he kicks his legs and looks like he's trying to swim, so cute:)
He is my best buddy. He was sitting by me and holding on to my arm and I think we were looking at pictures of him, he likes looking at himself:) These little things make life so great, thanks Peyton for making our lives so fun!:)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Babysitting and a Happy Birthday

We have been keeping quite busy lately. Last weekend we headed over to Kanab to keep an eye on Nathan while my parents have been out of town. We had a great time seeing family and just relaxing. Also it was Shaye's birthday so we enjoyed celebrating it too!
I just love those big brown eyes! Peyton was enjoying the tent we made on the bed for him:)
Nate was pretty sad that my mom and dad were gone. I told him we could make a countdown for when they would be home and this is what he made, too cute. Luckily for him they were only gone 7 days not 25:)
Peyton has been getting into eating rice lately. This was one of our feedings and I think most of it got all over him instead of in his mouth:)
Love that face!
Shaye man turned the big 26!! Happy Birthday Shaye, hope you had a wonderful day! I know we enjoyed spending it with you. Can't believe how quickly the years go by. Pretty soon we are going to be oldies and we will wonder where the time has gone:)
I love this picture of Peyton, Bransen and Shaye. What good looking boys! It was Bransen's birthday this weekend too so we had a lot to celebrate. He turned the big 18!
Not much else is new here for us, just busy busy but enjoying life.