Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girl's Camp and Pageant

Here are some pictures of this weeks fun activities. I was able to join my ward for girls camp for part of the week. I serve in the young woman's in our ward and I very much enjoy it. Girls camp was a fun experience and I am glad I was able to attend for a couple days. The weather was so nice and it was just nice to be up in the mountains it was so pretty. It was especially enjoyable because they had plenty of bathrooms accessible for this pregnant lady:)
Here's some of our girls enjoying a game of volleyball.
More fun games, with lots of laughter:)
Here's our big tent. they are huge so we all stay in one together. It was fun minus the loud sheep that kept us up all night! Who knew that sheep could be so annoying! All in all it was a great time and I hope the girls had a great experience.
After I returned from girl's camp Shaye and I had decided that we wanted to attend the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti this year. Neither of us had ever been so off we went and we had a great time. Here I am in front of the beautiful Manti Temple. It really is so beautiful up on top of the hill.
Shaye loving being outside. It was perfect weather, no complaints here:)
When we got there we went and had a great dinner at the church and even ran into our great friends the Ackerman's, which was a plus! Then we headed over to the temple with the other couple thousand people there. Luckily we some how got great seats! Since it was just the two of us we snagged to random seats on the end of the fifth row.
The Temple looks amazing all lit up. Since the pageant didn't get over until late I asked my Uncle McKay if we could stay at his cabin near Manti. He was nice enough to let us and it was perfect! It was nice not to have to drive all the way home.
The next day we just enjoyed sometime up around the cabin. It was really beautiful and green up there. This is up looking our at the great view from the cabin.
Loving all the green trees! I can't believe how fast the summer is going by. It is crazy that it will be July this week! I am excited for the 4th of July and much more summer fun! Pregnancy is still going great for me and I am starting to get more anxious and excited for this little guy to come. Luckily we keep busy to help the time go by fast. Lets hope it keeps going by quickly:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Time in Cedar

This is the first summer that Shaye and I have spent in Cedar City or even in Utah in many years. It is quite nice if you ask us and we are enjoying ourselves and making the most of it. Here are just a few of our most recent outings and activities.
I tagged a long with Shaye on a little fishing trip to Red Creek Reservoir last week. I'd never been up there and it was so so pretty. Prefect place for me. While Shaye fished I took a nice walk around the reservoir (because there was a bathroom on the other side:) then read a book and enjoyed the nice cool weather. This is Shaye from across the way waiting for the fish to bite.
Shaye and his new found friend Jason who are happy to be off work and out in the mountains:)
These two feel like they have to go fishing every week.

As we were leaving we got to see this beautiful sunset! We couldn't pass up the chance for a photo opt. I love this place, it's so beautiful!!!
To top things off that evening we headed over to the college where they were having the opening ceremonies for the Utah Summer Games. We made it just in time for the fireworks show and we were so glad we did. It was really the best fireworks show we have EVER seen! We have seen firework from many places in our travels like Chicago, Virginia Beach and San Francisco, but really these were really awesome! It also probably helped that we happen to get the best spot to watch them on the Church lawn across the street from the football stadium. We laid on the grass and it was literally like the fireworks were raining down on us. It was a wonderful summer night:)
Lastly this weekend Shaye went on a repelling trip with some guys from the Elders quorum. He had a great time and enjoyed trying something he'd never done before.
Here he goes over the cliff. When he got home he was soaking wet! He wasn't really prepared for that, nobody was. The guy that had been down there before said there would just be a little bit of water. Well . . . probably due to all the rain and snow we've had this year there was A LOT of water and they all ended up soaked.
Shaye said that it was awesome to repel under a waterfall, minus getting all wet, but he'd definitely do it again and said he loved every minute of it.
The most exciting thing that happened this weekend our crib came! I was so excited and totally not expecting it. I thought it would be a couple more weeks before it came so when I saw the UPS man coming I was so surprised. When Shaye got home we enjoyed putting it together and it's perfect!!
Here's Shaye just putting on the finishing touches. We are so excited for our little guy to come join us and sleep in his new bed. Now I can start putting his room together. I want to paint and things so now the fun begins! I must say that time has gone by so quickly for me. I can't believe I am into my last trimester! Time will probably slow down the more uncomfortable I get. I feel very blessed and my pregnancy has gone very well so far. I honestly don't have any complaints besides growing so large but even that is kind of neat knowing there is a little guy inside of me. I have been so lucky to feel really good so far. I hope and pray everything continues to go well. Now I feel our little guy moving around a lot, it's kind of a strange thing but I love it. It just makes me smile and I can't wait to meet him:)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So much to do, so little time

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. It was a whirlwind for us, it is amazing all the things we did in 3 days. We were excited for the long weekend and finally some warm weather!! So we decided we'd head over to Kanab and see what we couldn't find to do. It's funny cause we didn't have anything planned but we sure found plenty to do! If you know Shaye we can never do enough outdoors or have to much fun, so as soon as we got to town Friday evening we fired up the fire pit in my parents backyard and had ourselves a nice little roast of hot dogs and marshmallows. That was just the beginning, there are many pictures to follow of all the good times. The funny thing was that Friday, Saturday and Sunday we did a lot of fun stuff and we didn't even leave my parents neighborhood, and it was all free:)
Here's Brandon and Shaye roasting their hot dogs. It's fun to have most of our siblings home for the summer so we can see them when we come to town.
Nate loves it when we come to town, we never have to ask him twice if he wants to roast mallows or go for a hike, you say the word and he is ready. This doesn't happen with all things you ask Nate to do so we can only assume that he enjoys the outdoor activities:)
Everyone enjoying the fire, it was a little windy but it was great!
Day two of our long weekend was wonderful, we went hiking, fishing and had a cookout. The best part was we never left our neighborhood!! It was a great day.
We hiked up Pugh's Canyon right up the road from my parents house. It had been years since I hiked back there and Shaye had never gone all the way to the end. It was a great hike, I thought there would be more water at the end where there is a water fall, instead it was more like a trickle:)
It was still a beautiful hike. I love that all this stuff is right in our backyard! Gotta love that nice shot of my belly, it is ever growing:)
Nate was being a cowboy for the day. He hiked the whole way in cowboy boots, a jacket, jeans, and hat, we love you Nate. You always keep things interesting:)
Shaye and Brandon hiked up on top of the water trickle to see the view from above.
Nate followed them half way but then just decided to wait for them on this rock.
Here's me and Mom down below.
Next item of business, fishing. Nate had found Shaye's fishing pool in the back of the truck and kept signing fish. So Shaye promised him they'd go catch a fish. They just walked down to the pond on the golf course right behind the house and caught a few fish. Nate was loving it, he was real interested in how Shaye was catching the fish. Shaye would catch them and let Nate help him reel it in. He loved it!
Last item of business for day two was making tin foil dinners and heading up the mountain across the street from my parents house. Here's Dad at the top of the mountain.
We were happy Jenn didn't have to work that night so she could come join us for our dinner in the mountains. It was the perfect night and the perfect ending to such a great day!
A view from up top. Shaye is so similar to my Dad in some ways that it makes me laugh. They take everything to the next level, if they are going to do something they are going to do it all the way. They decided to make this little place like home so we could come back here often. They made a lovely fire pit, they cleared the nice porch Jenn and I are sitting on.
And to top it all off....
they made this staircase up to the porch:) They are so funny and they take their projects so seriously. We can't wait for our next cookout:)

What happened the next day was another unplanned activity. Sunday night we decided to head out to Lake Powell, thanks to Brandon and his nice mission companion that said we could stay on his families nice house boat. Even though it was a crazy last minute thing it was a lot of fun!
Shaye pretending to drive the boat. Neither of us had been the Lake Powell since right after hight school so we were enjoying every minute!
Here's some of the boys trying to go for a kayak ride. They didn't make it far before falling in.
Here's Shaye getting ready for a ride out on the open sea, he couldn't be happier:) Today he is feeling pretty sore from rides on the tube but he says it's all worth it! He had a blast!
What a weekend! We loved every minute, good memories. Hope you all had a good weekend too!:)