Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Brown Family Reunion 2012

We had an eventful time in Kanab enjoying the Brown Family Reunion this past weekend. It is something we always look forward to and it never disappoints. I think I have said it before that we have been having a reunion every summer for as long as I can remember. It is just with my Dad's immediate family but there are nine children so now the family has grown to 81! I think we had about 75 people there so it was a full house! I was really sad when we got there and I realized that I had forgotten the camera so all of these pictures were taken on Shaye's iphone, so sorry that the quality isn't great.
 So we meet again Mr. Puppy! Peyton's favorite part of the whole thing was hanging out with his best buddy, Tank the puppy. I know I have told about Peyton's great love for puppies and it gets stronger everyday it seems and funnier to watch him interact with them too.
 He is not scared one bit and will get right down there in his face and repeatedly say puppies, puppies! Until the poor dog wants to bite him just so he'll stop saying it:) He didn't get that from his momma, she is such a wimp and I don't know why. When I think about the dog I am just fine and I'm like, it's no big deal it's so small. But then when it comes towards me I am like no no don't touch me and I am so awkward.
 This visit Tank seemed to like Peyton better and tolerate his presence. I think he was happy to have someone to play with.
 Here's Brandon and the boys during some of the reunion activities. Sadly it was somehow cold and windy in Kanab this weekend so we spent most of the reunion at the church. Brandon loves hanging out with the nephews and they love playing with Uncle Brandon!
 More puppy time! Seriously it was pretty funny to watch him with Tank. He loved sitting in Tank's little bed with him. Sadly I think it made Tank mad and the rest of the day Tank was fighting with his bed and sitting in it upside down. I don't know if he could smell Peyton or something he kept sniffing it and he was very unhappy with it. Sorry Tank hopefully his smell will wash out so you can enjoy your bed again:) It was so funny though to watch Peyton while Brandon was getting Tank to do a few tricks. Brandon would tell Tank to jump and Tank would start jumping and Peyton would try to jump too but he couldn't figure out how to get both feet off the ground. Seriously it was so funny. Then Brandon told Tank to sit and Peyton looked at him for a second and then slowly sat down. Ha ha it was so funny, he can be trained! I'll have to have Brandon and Tank potty train Peyton I'm sure he'd do it for them:)
 Peyton had fun playing with Brittany's boys, Blake and Bridger. They stayed at my parents house with us so we had lots of fun. They were loving tub time with the bubbles! Blake is such a cutie and always call Peyton, baby Peyton and want him to do stuff with him, so fun to have cousins to play with!
 We enjoyed a great dinner and fun in Grandma and Grandpas backyard. Peyton's favorite was when I would pull him around in the red wagon. There was a blanket in there and he would just lay back and enjoy the ride.
 Another great thing that came of this weekend is that Peyton and Tavin have decided to be friends!! It is so funny, they have never got along so well but suddenly they have decided to put aside their differences and be friends:) It was so funny to watch them play together and chase each other all over. Tavin would come and take his hand and they would walk down the hall. So glad they can have fun together now.
 Shaye and Jerron were keeping track of them and they ran off in the church and they found them sitting on the stand, looks like they are ready to speak in church:)
 One of the activities of the reunion was that we built a fire pit in my grandparents backyard. It is great and everyone enjoyed roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the fire.
 Monday morning we all ventured out on a hike. If anyone saw us all leaving my parents house they would have really wondered where all of those people were headed as about 50 people headed up into the mountains. Here are a bunch of the happy hikers on the K on the hill.
 One more fun picture of play time with the dog and Uncle Brandon. The reunion was great and we are so glad we could spend time with so many people we love. Can't wait til next year:)
Here's a bonus picture from today. This is Kinley, our neighbors daughter that I watch several days a week. She is just learning to walk and Peyton likes to hold her hand and help her walk around the house. It is pretty funny and pretty darn cute!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bring on Summer Time

Time is cruising by and we are happy to be getting into summer and loving life. We have had a few fun events lately and it seems we are always staying busy.
 A couple weeks ago Shaye took Peyton to the evening activities of our wards Father's and Son's outing. It turned out to be a great evening for all of us. Peyton had a great time playing out in the dirt and being with his Dad. Plus I got to enjoy a girls evening out and went to a movie with a friend. Peyton is here enjoying some cornbread around the camp fire.
 This is Peyton and I on Mother's Day. I am so very thankful for Peyton and feel very blessed to be his mother. I love hearing him call for me around the house saying Mommy! I love watching him learn and grow and figure things out. He is starting to talk so much now and it is so fun to listen to him, he keeps us laughing all day! Thank you Peyton for making me a mother, I love you more than you'll ever know!!
 This is just a funny picture. Shaye was laying on the couch reading a hunting magazine and Peyton decided he really wanted to read it too. So I watched as he climbed up and squeezed his way onto Shaye's lap and got in just the right spot to look at all those big deers!!:)

Our next adventure took me and Peyton down to Palm Springs for the weekend. It was a last minute trip and I couldn't believe I was going to go. I really probably would not have gone but Shaye just kept telling me to go and said there was no reason for me not to go. My Aunt Lori had invited my mom to join her for a last minute trip and so my mom asked if Peyton and I would like to drive down with her. So with Shaye's encouragement we decided to go and I'm glad we did!  The resort we were at was really nice and was very kid friendly so Peyton had a blast!!
 Of course any trip wouldn't be complete with out a good nap in the stroller:)
 The first morning we went for a nice walk around the resort. It was so big it was like a little city. It was beautiful weather and the scenery was fabulous!
 Here's Lori and I. I guess my mom was trying to get more of the flowers than she was of us:)

 Peyton was a great little traveler and he loved being in our condo. He had all sorts of new doors to open, rooms to explore and trouble to get into:)
 He loved enjoying his breakfast every morning at the table.
 Ha ha, are you loving my hat?! It was so hot there and I decided to wear one of my mom's hats one day to get some relief from the sun. Peyton loved playing with Aunt Lori and Grammy in the pool, he couldn't be bothered to pay attention to any picture taking.
 Peyt playing in the fountains. It was so funny to watch him try to close to the fountains without getting sprayed too much in the face.

 Here he is out on our back patio watching for ducks, airplanes, birds, butterfly's and whatever else might happen by.
 He loved waving hi to any workers that passed by on there golf carts and then he'd say bye bye.
 One last trip to the pool before we headed home on Monday. It was really fun but it was getting hotter everyday so we are happy to be back to a little bit cooler weather.
Thanks Mom and Lori for letting us come join you on your girls weekend. It was great fun and Peyton is still talking about the pool and his swim suit:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Picture catch up and visits with GG

We have had a busy and fun past few weeks. We are happy to be getting into summer and loving the nice warm weather!! Peyton is growing and learning so much each day. We really can't believe how much he is learning. Everyday he is saying new words and figuring out new things. He is at such a fun stage and we are loving all the fun we are having with him. Here are some pictures of our recent activities. We have been lucky that we have been able to see GG a couple times, which Peyton really enjoyed. He loves to say "GG!!" She was able to come up for a visit and then we went down to her place so Shaye could take his state boards to complete the x-ray program. Which we are happy to report that he passed his test and we are so proud of him:) Anyways, with the new blogger set up I haven't figured out the best way to upload pictures to get them in the order I want so sorry that these are in random order:)
While we were visiting GG we went to Target and Peyton's favorite place to play was in the aisle with all the little potty's. Here he is so proud of himself sitting on the potty. Really it was funny how much fun he was having and trying out all the different ones:)
Peyton and GG enjoying a drink after watching the airplanes outside. That was Peyton's favorite activity at GG's house. He could hear the airplanes flying over and he'd want to go outside and watch. He says airplane by flying his finger around in the air and saying, "sssssh, ssssh" he sure loves airplanes right now and lucky for him you get to see a lot of them at GG's house. As soon as one would pass by he would say, "bye bye" and wave to the plane. Then he'd sign and say, "more, more". So we'd have to wait for the next one to go by and he'd repeat the same thing.
This is back at our house being silly wearing uncle Bransen's hat. Peyton has always hated hats and would never wear them but suddenly he is showing more interest in them and wants to put them on. The past couple days he's been wearing one around the house quite a bit but of course as soon as we go outside he wants nothing to do with it!:)

When GG came to our house they enjoyed playing tee-ball together and Peyton loved when she would clap for him. He figured out pretty quick what he was supposed to do and wanted everyone to take a turn too.
Before he would hit it we all had to say, "1, 2, 3!!"
That face says, "Oh!! Good job GG!" He was so impressed with her skills:)
One night he was being so silly and wanted to wear my jacket and was wearing the computer case on his head. He thought he was so funny! He really brings so much joy to our lives. We can't imagine life with out him, it would be so dull. Thanks for keeping us smiling Peyton:)