Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 Year Photo Shoot

We had a fun weekend last week. Shaye was busy hunting and working so Peyton and I headed to Kanab and enjoyed some time with family and mostlyI wanted to go over and have my dad take some pictures of Peyton as we quickly approach his 1st Birthday!! It was so fun and I feel like we got a lot of cute ones. It is hard work taking pictures of a busy little boy especially outside when there is so much to explore. We took lots but here are a few as a sneak peak. These are some of my favorites, they haven't been touched up yet I need to decide which ones I want to print.
This silly kid, every time I put him on the grass he just crawls into the rocks. He likes to sit in the rocks instead of on the soft grass. Also this is the "man cub" crawl as Shaye calls it. He likes to keep his knees off the not so soft ground:)

He's getting so big!! I can't believe how much he is growing up. And he's just so darn cute, (of course I am a little bias) I can't get enough of him!!

He found great joy in pulling this leaf apart, can't you see the excitement on his face? Oh the simple things in life:)

We just love our sweet little guy and can't believe he is almost one!! He is the greatest blessing in our lives!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer time won't you stay?

I love summer time! I am already getting sad thinking of it passing to quickly. So we try to get out and enjoy the sunshine whenever we can. Peyton loves to be outside. He gets a little sad if he's stuck inside all day. He likes to hear the birds, play on the grass, look at our neighbor's puppy, go for walks, swimming...pretty much everything. Peyton also likes looking at pictures of animals in books, especially the touch and feel books. We were excited a couple weeks ago when my mom asked if Peyton and I would come with her to Salt Lake to take my brother Nathan to the Dr. So we went along and the best part was the zoo happened to be right by the Dr's Office so we got to spend a few hours there. It was Nathan's first time at the zoo and he absolutely loved it!! Peyton enjoyed it too but Nate was WAY excited to see all the animals and he was signing all the animal names.
Nate is great to stop and pose for pictures. They had a special Dinosaur exhibit which was actually quite fun. They all moved and made noises and looked real and some even spite out water at you, which was welcomed because it was so hot:)
Who knew elephants were such funny animals?! We got to see the elephant show and they can do all sorts of tricks like spins, stand on one foot and my personal favorite, a headstand:) This little guy you can see in the back ground was so cute.
Peyton couldn't keep his eyes off this dino, I think he was afraid he might eat us, it kind of looks that way doesn't it:)
Peyton's favorite thing of the day was the train ride. If you can't tell from this picture, he was so excited when we got on. He's never been on one before but he really was stoked. He stood there jumping up and down it was so funny. So that was my real favorite part because he loved it so much:)
I love this picture of Mom and Nate. Mom you look so pretty, thanks for taking us with you and Nate I love those eyebrows above the sunglasses, ha ha.
Here are some other gems from the past few weeks. Shaye likes to take Peyt to Cal Ranch and look at the baby ducks and chicks and always wants to try a cowboy hat on him, I know one of these days he's going to come home with one I'm sure. I must say he is a pretty cute looking cowboy:)
I really wish this picture was more in focus but I just had to post it anyways cause I think it is to darn cute. Peyton's face just makes me smile:)
Funny story...the other evening after dinner Shaye said if you hurry we can go for a walk right now. Well I was so excited cause I love to go for walks but it is not often that I can talk Shaye into going with us so since he was offering I hurried out the door. Well he timed it just right because we had barely got around the corner when it started to sprinkle. I asked if we should go back, but Shaye said it was just going to sprinkle. Well within seconds it was POURING and we were running as fast as we could home! Poor Peyt was in the stroller with a look on his face like, what in the world just happened! (His eyes were even bigger than they usually are:) Anyways it was pretty funny we were all laughing and soaking wet, funny memory.
Peyton is loving bath time more than ever. His new thing is he likes to just chill laying on his back for a long time after I get him all washed up. He is growing up so fast! I remember when I had to hold him up in his little tub, now I have to remind him that we don't stand up in the tub about every two minutes:)
He's got four little teeth now, two on the bottom and two on the top.
He loves to play peek-a-boo and is climbing all over the couch, stairs and anything he can reach!
One more fun night. This week I got to go to the Little Mermaid at Tuacahn with my family. Shaye was nice enough to stay home with Peyton so I could go. And thanks to Emily for getting a date that got her a ticket so I could have her other ticket by my family:) Anyways it was so fun, it really was a great show and it was especially fun to watch Nathan enjoy it. He LOVES to see the shows there each year and meet all the characters. Here he is excited for the show to start.
Here we all are after the show. My brother Brandon was my date for the night, ha ha.
Dad had to hold Nate back to get this shot. He couldn't wait to go up and meet all the characters, he had brought his year book with him for them all to sign. Fun was had definitely had by all .