Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wedding Fun

We got to enjoy a couple weeks of wedding fun celebrating Emily and Jake's wedding. It was so wonderful to be with them in the temple for their beautiful temple marriage. It was a beautiful day with lots of family and fun!!
Peyton unfortunately had a rough day. This is how he looked most of the day. He is usually such a happy boy but he was one cranky little kid that day!:(
Emily and Jake make their grand exit from the temple doors. Emily was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen and they are just a fabulous couple! So excited for them!
You may kiss the bride:)
The reception in Kanab was so wonderful! The decorations turned out beautiful and it was such a fun party!
Peyton did manage to have brief moments of happiness that day.
Me and Jess getting ready to break it lose on the dance floor!
Me and my handsome date for the special occasion:)
There really was dancing and it was so much fun! We danced the night away and I felt like one lucky girl that Shaye even got out and danced with me. The last time that happened it was almost 6 years ago and it was our wedding!:)
He is amazing dancer...I don't know why he doesn't do it more often;)

The next weekend we got to celebrate again with a reception at Jake's home in Las Vegas. It was another fabulous night and Jake's family was is so wonderful and it was great to spend some time with them. Peyton was so excited that he got to where his cute bow tie again, plus there were lots treats and good candy that he is proudly showing the camera. He had plenty of candy that night!
Grandma Alta got to come as well and it was wonderful to have her there. Peyton loves his GG! So do I, I am so grateful for this great lady!
Looking for airplanes and eating treats with GG. That would be the makings of a great night for Peyton!
We had to get a picture with the beautiful bride. So happy for Emily and glad we could enjoy celebrating this special part of her life! Love you Emily!

Friday, May 24, 2013

April in Review

April was a very fun and busy month for us. Here are some pictures to review what we were up to in the month of April! 
 We had a fun time celebrating Emily at her bridal shower! This is us afterwards with Grandma Brown. I'm so grateful every time I get to spend time with Grandma Brown, she is so amazing!!
 Mikkel swinging with the boys. Peyton was so funny holding onto her arm.

 Peyton LOVES going to Kanab and playing at Gramp's house. He seriously asks me all the time if we can go to Kanab. It is a fabulous place!
 These boys were helping each other out and Tavin was pushing Peyton so he could swing higher!
 Peyt and Tav got to spend some great bonding time with Gramps helping him in the yard and taking a trip to the dump. They were loving it!!!
 Shaye has been so very busy with work and school but he has been lucky to still find a few days to relax and do some fishing.
 I really never let Peyton play with my phone but this was one of those moments I was so grateful for it and Dinosaur Train to distract him from throwing a ridiculous fit!
 We took a mini family vacation to Mesquite to just get away and enjoy some fun in the sun. We had a fun time and met up with the Engles for dinner at the sea food buffet, got to love that:) Peyton and Jerzi had a fun time together and it was so funny to watch them interact, too darn cute they are!
 They really wanted to hold hands, so cute.
 Peyton was so excited we were staying in a hotel he was loving a nice big bed!
 Best part was soaking up some sun!

 We are so excited that our friends the Monroe's have moved in just up the street and it is so fun to do lots of fun stuff with them. Peyton loves playing with his new friend Boston. It is nice having a good friend close by.
 Boston took Peyton for a ride in his cool jeep thing. It was so funny to watch them cruising around, gives me visions of things to come. Makes me a little nervous:)
 And then for the down side of April. We had a flood in our upstair bathroom and it became quite the disaster! They had to pull up the carpet to dry the floor underneath. They had to take out part of the wall and ceiling in the garage. It has been quite the pain and made our lives unpleasant. We had to move all the furniture out of our room and pile it in the guest room so we've been sleeping on the couch! The worst part is it happened almost a month ago! So we've been sleeping on the couch for about a month now! We are about sick of it, that's for sure! They say we should be able to move back in to our room a week from today so I  am crossing my fingers that is true!
What a mess!

Spring Fever

I'm trying to play catch up on lots of old pictures. This was back in early April when we were having some serious spring fever. Cedar City was still cold but St. George was nice and warm so we headed down with Mikkel and the kids and enjoyed some fun in the sun at the splash pad and carousal. 

Peyton is so lucky that he has his cousins here that he can always play with, he sure loves them!!
Peyton loved trying to keep up with the boys and follow them all over the splash pad.