Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Family Camp Out

We had a first this weekend for our family. We decided to venture out on our first family campout. We went with two other families with young kids so we thought we'd go for it:) For the most part it was a great time had by all of us but we had some rough times. Things started out well and Peyton enjoyed exploring things and checking things out with the other kiddos. Shaye and I were in charge of dinner that night so we got things cooking and we enjoyed a nice dinner of chicken cordon blu in the dutch oven. So things were going well until it was time to go to bed. About 9:30 I headed into the tent with Peyton cause he was getting cranky and he was trying to get into the fire. I had hoped he would go to sleep quickly but this was not the case. I laid in the tent with him for 2 and half hours before he finally fell asleep at 12:30!! He wasn't crying but he thought we were still playing or something. Peyton never sleeps with us at home and so he just roamed the tent taking everything out of our bag and laughing every time he heard those that were out around the fire laugh. Or if he heard Shaye talking he'd start saying, "Daddy? Daddy?" So that was rough but he finally must have gotten tired enough he came and cuddled up next to me and went to sleep. So then I was able to sneak out of the tent and enjoy some visiting time with everyone around the fire. We were able to sneak back in the tent with out much trouble but then it was just a long night of pretty much no sleep for me. We were all three on a little air mattress and I was trying not to fall off and not move to much so I didn't wake up Peyton. I must say it was a long night. Then of course the sun came up at 6 and Peyton was awake by 6:30. So he got about 6 hours of sleep and I got none...this was not good. I must say our thoughts at that early hour were to just pack up our things and head for home but luckily we decided to stick it out and we had a great time   during the day. Some how all of my pictures uploaded in random order and I don't know why and I don't know how, (or don't want to take the time) to figure out why:)
Kenidee was nice enough to share her little gun with us and let us try it out. Shaye said I had to try and shoot it and of any gun I must say this was much more my speed, plus it was pink:)
Do I look like I know what I'm doing? Not so much:)
Peyton wasn't sure what to think about it.
His favorite part was helping put the bullet in and getting things ready, he didn't care so much to help shoot it.
I am sure this is just the beginning of times of Peyton with his dad and their guns.
Peyton and Shaye enjoying the warmth around the fire, plus Brooke and Peyton's little friend Karter.
These two boys are just too cute. This was a rare moment when Peyton and Trace weren't playing in the dirt or off exploring this new place and they decided to take a break and take a seat for a minute.
All in all the trip was a success. Here's Shaye and J.R. with one of the many fish they caught that day. The weather was nice and warm and the company was great. We were definitely happy to come home though and get some sleep!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

We had a fabulous Easter weekend with lots and lots of fun. It was a busy one with lots of fun activities every day. Peyton was such a trooper and had a blast! He was completely worn out by the end of each day and slept in every morning. So it was great!! Peyton loves to be around lots of family and he had tons of family fun. We just can't get enough of him, he is getting to be more fun every day. He kept everyone laughing by all the funny things he says and does:) Our weekend started out with the annual Jackson family Easter egg hunt in Leed's. We had a great time enjoying visiting with everyone, a yummy lunch and of course the Easter egg hunt!!
While we were waiting for things to get started Peyton and I went exploring to find animals and such. He was being camera shy for once, that is so unlike him.
While we were exploring Shaye was playing basketball with the boys.
Then it was time for the main event, the hunt! Peyton did great and loved putting the eggs in his basket.
He loved it even more when he got some treats but his favorite was the stickers that he carried with him around everywhere. He was holding one when we left for Kanab and he slept the whole way there and when we arrived the first thing he did was show me he was still holding his sticker.
Peyton went for a second round of egg hunting with Shaye during the big kid hunt. He thought it was so funny running around with Dad.
They were pretty proud of their finds!! Good job boys!
Peyton was pretty excited about the Easter present from Grandpa Larry and Grandma Kelly. He was saying "wow" and loving all the attention. He especially liked the cheese crackers he found inside.
Peyt was following Bransen around all day and always wanted him to pick him up. He was loving sitting between them eating his crackers, just living the good life:)
After we finished at the Jackson's we headed to Kanab and made it just in time for another Easter egg hunt at Great Grandma Brown's house. Peyt had just woke up and was a little unsure about things at first. He didn't want to pick up any eggs and if we put one in his basket he would take it out and throw it on the ground. But then he discovered that there was candy inside one and then he was all for it. He would find an egg and open it and as soon as the jelly beans fell out he would grab as many as he could and shove them in his month before we get the rest. He decided that he really liked this game.

Look at all his eggs!!
Shaye had helped to hide the eggs and he was pretty proud of all the fun places he hid them and that some of them where not found:)
As always Peyt had fun times playing with Gramps Brown.
Here are my boys all handsome and ready for church Easter Sunday. We had a wonderful time at church. I don't know why but I always enjoy going to church in Kanab so much, it is always so so good!! I don't know if it is because I know the people better, (that is probably part of it) but it is always so wonderful. Plus my sister Emily spoke in sacrament meeting and did a great job so we were glad we could be there. Peyton was great and loved going to the nursery and another Easter egg hunt there.
Here is the best family shot we got that day Peyt just wanted to get down and chase the dog!
Me, Emily and Lacee loving the GREAT weather!! It was a beautiful day!
Peyton and his Auntie Em.
Peyton with his favorite friends. Did I mention my parents have a dog now? Yeah, who would have thought. Well they are unsure about it too, it's a long story. It's Brandon's dog but he can't keep it in his apartment anymore so now it is my parents. He is pretty cute, his name is Tank and Peyton loves him! He ran around all day saying "Puppy!"
Like I said Peyton loved Tank but some times I think Peyton was a little overwhelming to Tank. Peyt would get right in his face and get so excited that Tank would get a little nervous. It was so funny to watch him chase him around saying "Puppy, puppy" over and over again!!
And if that wasn't all enough fun we went on a great hiking adventure on Monday with some of Shaye's family. We hiked to the Wave, which I had never been to, or never really even heard of until recently and it was quite the hike!! We left at 8:30 in the morning and didn't get back until about 4. It was about a 6 mile hike round trip. Peyton came along as you can see riding in style on Shaye's back. He was such a trooper and he seemed to have a great time.
Shaye and Kelly found a little caterpillar that Peyton found pretty interesting, he wasn't sure what to do with it.
Peyton feeding Bransen some snacks on a first little break along the way.
The happy hikers:) It was a nice warm day. I would not want to be out there in the middle of the summer. It was plenty hot that day.
We finally arrived at the Wave, woohoo!!
We stopped and enjoyed a nice lunch we had brought with us and Peyton loved the chance to get down and explore.

Here's the whole crew.
It really was pretty neat all the colors swirling around.
Me and Peyton down inside the wave.
And this is Peyton as we began our hike back to the truck. He was all tuckered out.
So I could finally put the hat on that he refused to wear all day.
Decided he needed another one to cover the back of his neck too:) Crazy enough he slept for probably a half hour bouncing around in there while we walked.
It was a great Easter weekend. Now we are home and trying to get back into the swing of things, and recover from our hike. We must be getting old cause our bodies are sure feeling tired today!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pool Time Fun

Peyton has been discovering new favorite places like the park and the pool. I love the park and the pool as well cause it tires Peyt right out and he always takes a great nap on days that we do something like that. We went with our friends Jayna and Kim and we had a great time. Thanks to Kim for these cute pictures. Peyton was loving her camera and was giving her lots of big smiles:)
He's getting braver and more adventurous all the time. This was the first time he had dared to stand up on top of the yellow bubble as I call it. He is finally willing to wear his floaty, now that he has discovered what it does and that he can float, he thinks its pretty cool.
I just love this boy. We have so much fun together playing and laughing, he is my best buddy. I love watching him figure things out, it is crazy how much he is changing and learning now. Every day there is something new he is saying or something he has figured out.
Peyton and Jayna, such cute kids they are!
Apparently Peyton doesn't want a picture with his mom in front of his friend. H was all smiles until I wanted a picture with him, little stinker. Bring on summer time we love going to the pool, now we just need a little sunshine!