Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best Buds

It is no secret who is Peyton's best buddy. I know he loves me and of course he always wants me when he's sad but Shaye is definitely is best buddy. He thinks his Dad is so cool and pretty much anything he does is hilariously funny. Sometimes I complain that Peyton gives Shaye more kisses and hugs without him even asking but I do think it is pretty cute how much he loves his Dad, plus I know he couldn't live without me...either one of them really:)
Here's my boys already and matching for church.
I had to get a picture of this I just thought it was too cute! Peyton wants to be just like Dad getting ready for the day:)
I am sure it won't be long before Peyton will want to go out in the hills with Dad...he just needs to get a little bigger:)
They had fun looking at all the 4-wheelers and other fun toys at Bass Pro Shops I'm sure just dreaming of the day they could one...not for awhile boys.
One picture of Peyt and Mom. We had a fun day a couple weeks ago at Shaye's family reunion up in Cannonville. We had a great time, the weather was beautiful and it was fun to visit with everyone.
Peyton loved crawling around on the grass. He picked a lot of grass and tried to eat plenty, probably was successful with some too.

Here's four generations of Jackson men. Glad Grandpa Frank thought to take this picture. We were glad we were able to go see everyone it was a fun day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


We are home from our adventure to Texas! I have been absent from blogging while we were gone so this will be a super long post with lots of pictures to cover our whole time in the great state of Texas. I must say that I had a wonderful experience in TX. I really enjoyed living there for the short time we were there. The people there were seriously so nice. Honestly the friendliest people I've ever met. From the grocery store to the apartment complex where we lived I felt like people were very nice and you would meet them once and they would talk to you like you were long time friends. I have decided that I am going to be more friendly:) So here is an overview of our time in TX and all the fun we had.
Here is Peyton happy as a clam as we start our long drive. I didn't take anymore cause he wasn't as happy by the end. The drive out there he did really really well thanks to the decision to drive through the night while he was sleeping. Not so pleasant for Shaye and I but it was worth it to have a happy baby.
And this man wins the award, he drove pretty much the whole way! I drove for three hours while he slept but that is it! I kept asking if he wanted me to drive but he was going strong. He likes driving and I am good at keeping him awake, but I must say I did sleep too:)
Once we got to TX Peyton and I had lots of great bonding and playing time. Shaye was off working most of the time so Peyton and we had fun entertaining ourselves. Luckily MIkkel and her boys were there for us to hang out with cause we didn't have much going on in our apartment. I didn't take many toys for him and we had no t.v. or internet so played together on the floor a lot and took lots of pictures of ourselves:)
Peyton is growing up so much and getting around like crazy. Now that he is so mobile the trouble he can get into has majorly increased! So we had bonks on the head and tears every now and then but he is very excited to be discovering so many new things.
One of the funnest things we did while there was we got to go to an Astros baseball game. It was so fun plus they were playing the Red Sox so it was great! I always wanted to go to a Red Sox game in Boston but off course didn't. It was really fun and the Sox won! There were tons of Sox fans there which surprised me but it was great we fit right in:)

Go Red Sox, woohoo!
Hanging with dad before he is off to work. Daddy is definitely Peyton's best friend, he absolutely loves spending time with him. It is so funny he will just look at him and start this funny forced laughed like he is saying "come on Dad do something funny." Then Shaye will do something silly, (that really isn't funny) and Peyton will just crack up laughing like it is the best thing he's ever seen.
We got to spend the 4th of July in Texas and it turned out to be a fun 1st 4th for Peyt. Thanks to Mikkel who is good at finding fun things to do and planning stuff we went to a little parade that morning and Peyton was asleep before it was over. It was really really hot in Texas and it seemed to put him to sleep every time we walked outside.
Our Patriotic baby:) Thanks to Mikkel for painting the cute star on his face.
That evening we had a bbq with all our friends and it turned out great! Shaye enjoyed grilling the hot dogs and did a great job. Looks like he is enjoying eating them too:)
Here is us and Mikkel, she found out while we were there that she will be adding a baby girl to her family!! We are SO excited, can't wait to meet this little girl.
Sadly there were no fireworks anywhere in Texas because they are in a drought and have a no burn rule right now so we had the next best thing, glow sticks. Actually I think the kids liked that better, they had a great time running around glowing:)
Thanks to Brooke for sharing a glow stick with Peyton, he loved it!
And lastly what did we do the most in Texas...
that's right we played at the pool!! Peyton loved going to the pool which was good cause we went almost everyday! The pool was so nice and had great places for little ones to play. This was one of the few times that Daddy got to come to the pool with us.
So far Peyton is not scared of the water and he was always trying to put his face in the water. Mostly he was trying to drink the water and I would always have to stop him, yuck!
Loving summer time!!
On our way home from Texas we were able to go over to San Antonio and see the sites. We went down to the River walk and the Alamo. Some how we didn't even take a picture of the Alamo though but it was cool and we really enjoyed our time there.
The best part was we were able to stay with one of my mission companions, Jenny who lives there. It was so fun to see her and caught up as she showed us around. Thanks Jenny for the great time. I have a couple other friends that live in Texas and I wish I would have been able to see them too. If only Texas wasn't so darn big!!
Peyton liked looking at all the ducks swimming in the river.
This was a really cool church that Jenny showed us, I guess there are usually fountains going that are cool but all water features were turned off due to the drought I guess.
Jenny said we had to get our picture on one of the cute bridges. Now we are home and I'm kind of missing Texas. I really did have a great time and enjoyed all the people and I even enjoyed the warm weather. Except when sweat is running down your legs and my shirt was all wet from sweat, I guess that wasn't that pleasant. I still liked it though, thanks for being so good to us Texas!