Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! I can't believe we are now in 2013!! Time just keeps marching on and it gets quicker everyday it seems. I'd love to make time stand still with Peyton. He is so cute and lovable right now and he loves me and loves doing everything with me. I hope that is always the case:) 
We had a great New Year's and here are a few pictures from our new year happenings!
I some how didn't get this picture on the last post about Christmas but just thought it was so cute had to put it on here. Peyton loves playing with his cousins! 
 What would new year's be without some football watching? We got this cute little jersey for Peyton for Christmas and now him and Dad can watch their football games in style!

 Love my boys!!
 For New Year's Eve this year we went over to our friend's, the Quarnberg's house and had a fun filled evening with the Lee's and the Hansen's. These three boys had a great time playing and checking out all of Trace's cool toys! Cute little buddies they are.
 This is Peyton and Trace pretending to go to sleep. Don't let them trick you, it was all a game. No sleeping was happening here!

 These two just wouldn't give it up. I fully planned on putting Peyton to sleep, as you can see he is in his pajama's. But nope these two boys were happy and going strong until the clock struck midnight and they rang in the new year!
We tried to get them to go to sleep by letting them watch a show on the iPad but it didn't happen. They just had a little relax time and then it was back to the party!
Peyton and Jaxon even got in on some of the Minute to Win It games. For once they were allowed to unroll a roll of toilet paper without getting in trouble! Do not try this at home boys:) 
 Since the new year we have been having fun and trying to make the most of the cold weather. Winter is not my favorite but we have been having fun. Shaye and I went skiing last weekend and we had a great time. This is only the third time I have ever been but I must say it was my best time yet! I was doing great until lunch and hadn't fallen once. After lunch wasn't as smooth, shouldn't have taken a break I guess, I lost my groove! We had a great time though and it was fun together time. 
 Peyton and I headed out in the backyard to play in the snow for the first time this year. Peyton loved playing in the snow! We used our sandcastle buckets and made towers out of the snow which he loved to step on and say, "Oh no my tower!" We threw snowballs and Peyton is very much into being fair and taking turns, after he does something it is my turn. And he is very strict, I must take a turn! I just love this boy. I can't even express the joy he brings to my little heart. Sometimes I think I might burst! 
Love you my Peyton!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

The Christmas fun continues at our house and I must say I really loved every day of December. I am sad that it is over and now since Christmas is gone I am ready to move on to summer time!! I wish I could just skip January and February, they are not my favorite!! Anyways, we really did love the Christmas season and here are the rest of the pictures to proof it!:)
Here is Peyton and I enjoying our nightly ritual. GG recorded a Christmas book for Peyton that she gave to him before Thanksgiving. He loved it so much and we seriously read it AT LEAST once a day everyday until Christmas! He loved it and still asks for it but I put it away with the Christmas decorations so we can enjoy it next year.
For Christmas we were with my family this year and it was WONDERFUL!  I loved every minute of it! All of my brothers and sisters were home and it was so nice to relax and all enjoy being together for a few days. Mikkel got all of us girls these super cute "flirty" aprons. We all felt like Santa's little helpers.
Sweet baby Tenley is the cutest little helper though. She needed a cute little apron too. 
We all love out little Tenny:)
All the kids looking cute around the tree.
Tavin and Peyton looking at The Night Before Christmas.
Peyton was excited to participate in our annual Nativity. He was a shepherd and he was the cutest little shepherd if you ask me:)
Shaye made a grand entrance when he decided he'd be the donkey and even gave Emily (Mary) a ride in to the stable on his back. Now that is a good donkey:)
He took his role very seriously and gave a great performance, good job sweetheart!!
Peyton was a great little shepherd and was doing so good. He even went and found a little figurine of baby Jesus from one of the little Nativities my mom had and put him in the manger. So when they put Tenley in the manger Peyton was not happy, she was sitting on baby Jesus! He kept saying, "Tenny, get out!" Haha this boy is to much some times.
Peyton and Dad, the stars of the show for me.
Peyton and Tavin helping to hold up the star. Good thing Great Grandma Brown happen to have two of them, she is so good at keeping all the kids happy:)
The whole cast except it looks like I kind of cut Brandon out on the side, oops sorry:)
These boys were so silly and having so much fun playing and running around. They loved the snowman nightlight in the hallway. They turned that off and on about a hundred times for sure.
Christmas jammies!!!

And the night wouldn't be complete without some wrestling times with Gramps to get them good and tired out. They loved it and kept asking him for more!
Look who found Santa's cookies!!! She was loving it, she took a bite or two out of each one with a big smile on her face!:)
Finally Christmas morning was here!! Peyton was pretty excited to find that Santa had brought him a Dinosaur Train!! Dinosaur Train is his favorite little show to watch so we knew he would love to have his own train. It was a big hit, Santa made a good choice:) 
Peyton and Dad checking out his stocking. I had to quickly hide all of the treats before he went crazy and ate it all!
Tavin showing Peyton his cool shark!
It was a wonderful day! I don't know why I stopped taking pictures but we also enjoyed a nice Christmas day dinner and more family fun. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!


Peyton loved Christmas time this year. It was so fun to see his excitement for everything. He loved all the decorations, especially Christmas trees and Christmas light around town. As we drove around town he would yell out "Christmas lights!!" every time he saw them. He also loved this house near ours that had a big tree in there front yard that they put lots of big Christmas decorations on. Every time we drove by it he would yell out, "HUGE Christmas tree mom!!" I loved it, it made be smile and laugh every time! I have always loved Christmas but this Peyton made me love it even more. 
Peyton, Tavin and Trajen helped me put together the Christmas train for the tree. They loved it so much, they especially loved making a bridge over the track as it ran by.

We had early Christmas at our house with Shaye's mom and family. We had a good time enjoying a nice dinner out and coming back to exchange gifts.
It was pretty hilarious to watch Peyton that night. He didn't know what to do with all of these presents! He was literally spinning in circles not know what to do next!

He loved all of his presents and is really getting the hang of things when it comes to present opening.

We are just getting started with the Christmas fun!!!


We had a great Thanksgiving this year. The seemed kind of rushed since we had to get back to Cedar because Shaye was on call for work that evening but that didn't stop us from having some great family time with lots of great food!! This year was Thanksgiving with Shaye side of the family and we made all the rounds. It was a wonderful day and we have so very much to be thankful for!!
Here we all are enjoying dinner at Monica's house. Peyton loved being at the big table, I think he maybe ate a roll. Too busy playing around:)
Peyton actually wasn't feeling so good that day. After our delicious dinner him and Jenn cuddle up and watched a little Dinosaur Train on the phone.
Over the weekend Shaye participated in the annual alumni basketball tounament. He had a lot of fun and won some and lost some games. 

Funs times with Papa and Grandma Kelly watching the basketball games.
We went to the light parade in Kanab and Peyton loved seeing all the lights and fun floats decorated in lights.

I don't know how these pictures got out of order but these are the rest of the pictures from Thanksgiving day. Playing trucks and tractors at Grandma Monica's.

Peyton loves playing with his GG! So glad we got to see her for the holiday.

Going for a ride with Great Grandpa Frank in the razor. Peyton thought this was pretty cool.
Then he got to feed Lucy the pig with Papa. I couldn't believe this pig could jump up like this to grab this apple.

Peyton loved throwing the apples into her.
We tried to take a couple family pictures with the Christmas tree. We are loving getting ready for the Christmas season!!
And this is what I have to deal with living with these two boys. Taking pictures is not an easy task! But I love these two no matter what!!