Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Thankful Weekend

I can't believe it has been so long since I last made an update. What is my problem?! Seriously I have been so behind on blogging so here comes the catch up....We had a most wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We were so blessed to have the chance to be in Kanab with the whole Brown family!! We had a great weekend with TONS of great food and fun! Here are a few pictures to document the good times.
First of all I had a great time preparing my contributions for the big feast. For some reason I decided I would volunteer to bring rolls. I'd never made rolls but thought it would be a good thing to learn. So I did a trial run that didn't turn out amazing but my second try was a great success:)
Emily was a great help to me, we were so proud of our great work. These are some of our rolls ready to rise.
Here are some of the delicious finished product. I need to work on making them all the same size. Most importantly they tasted very good, I must say I was so proud:)
The big feast begins! We had so so much good food, the whole Brown family was there so we had about 55 people in all.
Here's Shaye enjoying dinner with Emily and Aunt Kristi. Good times were had by all:)
Shaye enjoyed playing basketball afterwards to work off a little bit of that pie!
All of us girls had a fun time later doing some crafts at my Mom's. Here is Aunt Tye, McKenzie and Aunt Kanani making some cute necklaces.
I was the happiest to see my best friend cousin, Brittany and her sweet little boy Blake.

Thanksgiving day was so wonderful to be with our family but it was also a very heartbreaking day when we found out that are good friend John Jones had past away trapped in the Nutty Putty Caves. We had the privilege of knowing John and his sweet wife Emily when we lived in Virginia Beach 2 summers ago. John worked with Shaye selling alarms. Emily was such a good and kind friend to me that summer and we thought so much of her and John. Many of you have probably heard about his heartbreaking story and I just wanted to pay tribute to such a wonderful person. John and his wife are honestly two of the nicest people I have ever met. They did so much good for others just by being who they are. John was going to medical school and I know would have done so many wonderful things in his life. You just don't find many people like him, he was the kind of person we would all aspire to be. My heart goes out to Emily and her daughter Lizzie. I know as does Emily that she will be with John again someday and I am so grateful for her strength, she is an inspiration.
I love you Em and I'm continually praying for you.

On a lighter note we were able to celebrate my birthday a little early while we were home with my family. We had a great dinner at Grandma's and then had a few presents to open. Nate was also excited about the gifts as you can see, he's such a good helper:)
Nate thought that my face was a good place for the bow:)
My mom got me some fun new jewelry and a cute new purse, I was so excited!
This is a gift from Shaye. It is an awesome photo album book he made on I-photo. I LOVE IT! The pictures are such great quality and it's fun to have our first two years together organized so nicely.
Thanks Shaye, I love it! You are the best!!