Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jackson Family Vacation

What a week we've had!! We had a great vacation with Shaye's family to Colorado this past week. We made plans to vacation in Steamboat Springs  this summer but none of us had ever been there before so we didn't know what to expect. It turned out that we found a hidden gem up there in the mountains of Colorado and we had a blast!! It was such a cute little town and everywhere around us was beautiful! The weather was perfect and the company was great!:) We went to Rocky Mountain National Park where we saw moose and elk and had a couple great hikes. We floated down the river on tubes which was so much fun for even Peyton. He sat on mine or Shaye's lap and enjoyed floating on the water. He was a little nervous at first but really started enjoying himself. We enjoyed swimming at the great place we stayed and fishing and hiking and everything else we found to do in that great little town! There are A LOT of pictures to follow, enjoy!
Here's how the trip started...with our two passed out passengers in the back. Love that we have to have that fishing pool down the middle:) Jen was great to keep Peyton entertained on the drive when they weren't sleeping.
Playing with the arcade games at the club house.

Happy hikers
Peyton and Bransen at Fish Creek Falls.
Jen and Peyt dipping their toes in the cold water!

He almost fell asleep like these on the hike back to the car.
Couldn't keep this boy out of the river he loved walking in it and especially throwing rocks in it!
Trying on Grandpa Larry's hat, looks good:)
Loved are day at Rocky Mountain National Park, so pretty!!
Peyton has to pull his hat down so far so you can barely see his eyes. Silly kid, if I try to pull it back he just pulls it down further:)

Bransen was such a smooth walker he put Peyton right to sleep on our hike. Cutest thing ever really, he just put his head right down and took a little snooze.

See the elk in the back ground, they were just right off the road. Also Peyton doesn't like to smile for pictures anymore, now he just waves:)
This moose headed up the mountain through the river right next to it and Shaye and Peyton followed it to get a picture. Peyton was talking about moose for days. That was his favorite thing was seeing the moose.
More water falls

The whole crew, and yes if you are asking yourself, "is Peyton picking his nose?" Yep he is. We took two pictures right here and both he has his finger up his nose...he's real busy:)

More water time and throwing rocks, he could do this all day.

Peyton was taking things real serious and was putting in a good effort for fishing but he had a hard time holding the pool still. He like to giggle it around and reel it in.
He actually did catch a fish with Jen, woohoo!!

Love this one, love that face:)
Watching a show on mom and daddy's bed.
Pool time with Daddy was definitely a favorite.

Kelly coming down the alpine slide. It was great fun flying down the mountain.
Shaye and I were lucky to get out and go on a couple of dates while we were there since we had people to babysit. Thanks guys, we had a great date night eating on the roof of this mexican restaurant and walking down town.
Road trip home we had a full car. Things went well and it was a party in the backseat the whole way home!
When it got dark I broke out some glow sticks for entertainment and they were a great success!
It was great entertainment, I think I will put some glow sticks in the car for the next trip Peyton loved it!  We are back to reality and a little sad to be home. It was so nice to just relax and spend time together. Now it's back to the real world but glad we had a great trip!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peyton's vacation

So I thought I had more pictures from Peyton's weekend but this was the only one I could find on the computer I may add others if I get them off of Shaye's phone. But I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Larry and Kelly and especially AUNTIE JENNICA for taking such great care of our little man while we were away. He had a great time and it was so nice to have a little time away even though we missed him so much! I love this picture it makes me laugh. They had just gone swimming, thus the no shirt. But I love his hat and that he his laying his head on Jen's shoulder, he looks like such a little stud muffin!:) Peyton and Jen got to spend a lot of quality time together and we can't thank her enough for taking such good care of him. We set up his bed in her room so they got to have a sleep over every night. Everything seemed to go well so we are so grateful! Thanks Jen, you're the best!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lake Powell

Shaye and I went on our first ever mini vacation without Peyton last week. We had been invited to go to Lake Powell with some friends from Shaye's work. At first we planned to take Peyton but as it got closer decided that it would be much more enjoyable but especially less stressful if we didn't bring him sense we would be staying on a house boat and I would just be nervous with him around the water. We were so grateful that Shaye's family was able and willing to let Peyton stay with them for a few days and him and Jen got to get reacquainted so that was great for them. It all turned out great and it was better that we didn't bring him but I was so sad to leave was really rough. The first night I was pretty sad and lonely missing him but things got better and we really enjoyed relaxing and having fun in the sun!!
The weather was hot, hot, hot!! But the water was perfect temperature and you definitely wanted to get in cause it was so hot!
Shaye wakeboarding...pretty great scenery too.
Nice air!
Looking pretty cool enjoying the ride.
Ready for dinner on the boat.
More Shaye wakeboarding

And yes I even got up there, woohoo!
It was fun but I was feeling it the next day from crashing like I'm about to in this one, ouch! 
And of course we had some great tube time.
Shaye on the taco tube. This thing was brutal, not a comfortable ride:) We had a great time and we were completely exhausted when we got home! We were so happy to see Peyton and know that he had a great time while we were away. I will do another post with some pictures of him on his little vacation without Mom and Dad!