Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Spring is here and I couldn't be happier!! We had a great Easter weekend and enjoyed fabulous weather which just makes life great! Peyton loved everything about the holiday, seeing lots of family, getting presents, hunting for eggs and especially the candy!:)
 We were in the car headed down to the Jackson's Ranch for the annual Easter lunch and egg hunt. I looked back and Peyton put on his sunglasses and said, "I look awesome Mom!" I had to take a picture it made me laugh. Glad he has such self confidence:)
 Shaye and Kody got into some trouble when they let this momma sheep out of her stall. It was pretty funny to watch them catch and literally drag this sheep back in! Pretty funny sight!

Peyton had his first experience holding and a lizard and he loved it! He wasn't scared at all and was so excited. McKoy (Shaye's cousin Kody's boy) spotted the lizard and with Kody's help they caught it and the kids that it was great! Peyton loved McKoy!  He wanted to do whatever he was doing and has continued to tell me that he likes McKoy and that he is his friend:)
 Then one of the other cousins brought their pet turtles. Peyton was just getting hold all sorts of new creatures. He was so cute getting down close to get a good look at the turtles and talking to them. He kept telling me, "they so cute mom!:)"

 All the kiddies ready for the Easter egg hunt. Peyton is looking so serious here!
 Let the hunting begin!!!


 It was a success and Peyton had a great time!
 Shaye and I seriously LOVING the warm sunshine! Sitting in the sun I actually started feeling hot...and I loved it!
 Easter morning Peyton was pretty excited to find these exciting new toys downstairs. He's decided Easter is a great day!:)

 After church he took the clubs out for a try.
 Later we went over the Mikkel's for dinner and Peyton and Tavin could have jumped on the tramp all night! They were so funny to watch I wish I could have heard what they were talking about out there. 
 This time I came out they were laying down looking at the clouds. Seriously cute little boys they are!!

 We ended the evening making "resurrection rolls" and taught the boys about the true meaning of Easter. Mikkel found the cute idea. We dipped the marshmallow (which represented Jesus' body) in butter and cinnamon sugar and rolled it up in these rolls (which represented the tomb). Then we baked them in the oven and when they were done we cut them open and the marshmallow had disappeared just like Jesus was gone from the tomb on the third day. It was a good little teaching moment and they were pretty tasty too!:) All in all it was a wonderful Easter and the best part was being able to spend time together as a family. I am so grateful for my two boys and love that we were able to have a fun weekend together!!