Sunday, February 17, 2013

Visitors, V-Day and Fishing

We have had a full February so far, which is good because it makes these cold months go by quicker! We were lucky to have Grandmother Alta come visit us. Peyton loves to play with GG and was so happy she came to visit! She brought him a puzzle of Thomas the Train and they put it together over 100 times. They'd barely have it put together and he'd be asking to do it again! He was sad when she had to go home but so happy she came to visit!
Peyton enjoying his yummy pancakes at breakfast with GG.
These pictures are just too precious. He loves his GG!:)

We got another big snow storm last weekend and Peyton was so excited when Dad said he'd go build a snowman with him. He loves to sing,  "Once there was a snowman..." and so they headed out to get building. We gave it a good shot but the snow was to soft and powdery, it wouldn't stick together. So instead of a snowman we got a bucket and did the next best thing, built a snow tower. Peyton was plenty happy with that because he always loves a tower!
I sure love my two snowmen! Peyton likes wearing his snowsuit and he calls it his "snowman suit."
Here is the completed snow tower. Peyton was pretty impressed that it was taller than him! 
I got a new phone and Peyton and I have been having fun taking lots of pictures of ourselves on it. Peyton loves it cause he can see himself on the screen when we take the picture. I just love this little man!
This past weekend we enjoyed a very nice Valentine's Day. Shaye and I got to go out on a nice date with our friends Kenzie and Zac. It has become our tradition to go out with them on Valentine's. This is our 3rd year in a row so we'll have to keep that tradition going! We had a great time enjoying dinner and then ice cream and of course lots of fun visiting and catching up.
Peyton LOVED Valentine's Day this year. It is so fun as he is getting older that he gets excited about stuff. He loved saying happy Valentine's Day and he was especially excited that he got a little present. He was so excited to open it and see what was inside.
He got some gloves to keep his hands warm playing in the snow.
And he loved this little froggy cup with a straw. He couldn't have been happier!
Me and my special little Valentine!
Mikkel put on a little Valentine's party for this super cute group of boys. It was so fun to watch them play and give each other their little valentines. They all were so darn cute in their Valentine's shirts. Cutest group of boys I've ever seen!
Here they are putting the finishing touches on their Monster Valentine's boxes. 
Pretty darn cute aren't they?!
Peyton and Emmitt enjoying their suckers.
Peyton created a new toy this week. He was so excited to show me his new slide! He thought it was the greatest!
And the best part was it also doubled as a tunnel. He was pretty excited about it:)
Saturday we went on a fun family outing and went up to Panguitch Lake and went ice fishing. It was a beautiful day and couldn't have turned out better! For Shaye's birthday we got him a ice fishing tent and it turned out to be great! It was so warm inside and it was fun to see the fish and even catch a few!
Jennica came with us and we also met Shaye's Dad and Kelly up there and they brought some of the other grandkids. So Peyton had some friends to play with.
Peyton warmed up to Trey and quickly started following him around everywhere. 
Sharing snacks with his friends.
Here are the pictures of all fish we caught. That is Peyton's favorite part he loves when dad catches a fish and he gets so excited!

And for the grand finale Shaye caught this big guy! It was pretty exciting and fun. What a great day with the family!! Love day's like this:)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January Review

January is usually a really slow month for me but this year it actually went by pretty quickly. Life is very busy for us so I guess that makes time go by fast. I am very much looking forward to spring and summer so I hope these winter months continue to go by quickly!!
Shaye decided to volunteer us to babysit a puppy for a weekend. It was fun the first day and Peyton had fun with it but even he was fine when the puppy had to go home:) She was cute and I was actually surprised how much I liked her at first but by the second day I had come to my senses and remembered why I do not want a dog:)
Peyton is growing up so much and becoming quite independent, or at least he would like to be. He is always telling me he wants to do things by himself and he is getting pretty good at getting dressed and following short instructions. Love this sweet boy!
We took a quick trip up north with Shaye when he had to go to classes at Weber. While Shaye was at school Peyton and I met up with my dear friend Katy and her kids at the Children's Museum in Salt Lake. Peyton had a blast with all of the cool toys and neat things to do. This is him and Sawyer hanging out in the tree house.
Peyton loves to play puppies and pretend he is a puppy so when he found this little dog house he was thrilled! He fit perfectly inside:)

This place was pretty cool and had lots of cool blocks and different things to build with.  Peyton loves to build towers and knock them over so he can say, "Oh no! My tower!"
This was by far the best attraction there for Peyton it was so funny to watch him. Up on the roof they have a helicopter that they can sit in and it makes noises like it is starting and going to take off. Peyton was frozen in place and the look on his face was priceless. I am pretty positive that he actually thought they were moving. He sat there like this for five minutes not moving a muscle, so funny!

After awhile he relaxed and I think figured out it was not moving and him and Sawyer climbed in the front to pilot the flight. Scary thought having these crazy boys fly something around. They had so much fun and could have stayed out there all day!!
Our main reason for going up north was to be with Shaye since it was his BIRTHDAY!! We celebrated again on Saturday with a little birthday party with some family and friends. 
Peyton was really excited to help daddy blow out the fire:)
Happy Birthday to Shaye!!!
Peyton got a great surprise on Sunday when our old neighbors came by to visit us for a little while. Peyton was so excited when someone knocked on the door and I told him it would be Kinley. He threw down what he was doing and took off running for the door. They are so darn cute together it makes me so sad they don't live next door anymore.
Peyton was trying to take her all over and play with toys and he also wanted her to come up to his room to jump in his bed. He must have remembered they used to do that. So funny to watch them interact, what little cuties!!