Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines Day and lots of sister fun!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day and long weekend! Shaye and I had a great weekend. We were so lucky to have my younger sister Emily and Shaye's sister Jennica come stay with us for a few days. It was so much fun and now that they are gone we are so lonely:( But first for Valentines Day. Honestly I am not way into Valentines Day I would much rather do something special on just a regular day because we want to. But I must say I did enjoy the nice flowers Shaye gave me, and the best part is that he made the arrangement himself! I was so impressed! He bought 2 dozen roses from Costco and the pretty vase. He found some decorative rocks I had to put in the bottom of the vase and trimmed the flowers to look perfect. It really looked like he could have bought them that way they looked so nice. I have posted a picture bellow of the beautiful flowers, thanks Shaye:)
The rest of the photos to follow are of our fun weekend with our sisters. Next week they both will be celebrating their birthdays so we had lots of birthday fun.
Here's Jen, Shaye and Em at the Aerospace Museum. Since it's right by our house and it is free we like to take visitors here. It is actually pretty neat and there are a ton a really cool planes. When we were leaving they were beginning to close for the day and one of the workers over heard us jokingly say that we were going to hide inside one of planes til everyone was gone. I think the worker thought we were serious and he started making strange comments to us about how the ghosts come out of the planes at night and he wouldn't want to be there in the dark. We laughed at first but he kept saying things and it was starting to make us wonder.....
Here are the sisters preparing for an exciting game of bowling.
Here's Shaye showing off his skills, of course he won, but I guess he can win for being such a good sport and hanging out with the girls:)
Aren't these girls the cutest!?!

It was a fun game and yes Shaye won!
We took Jen and Emily to Texas Roadhouse for their birthday's. It was crazy busy cause it was Valentines Day so we went there at 4:30 and it was a two and half hour wait! So we took our number, went bowling, walked around the mall for a bit and then walked right in to be seated at 7, it worked perfectly. We were all very pleased with our meals and they even came out and sang to the girls.
Here the girls are climbing on the saddle to get their happy birthday wish.
It seemed our waiter even had a little crush on Jennica, he gave her the elbow squeeze with a happy birthday:)
We also had a wonderful Sunday. After we went to church Shaye and the girls worked on homework while I made dinner. Here they are all working so hard. I must say I was feeling pretty lucky that I didn't have any homework!
We decided we wanted to go for a walk but it was really cold outside so we had to bundle up. I broke out all my old mission ear warmers and scarfs to keep us warm. Aren't we looking good?!

Sunday was so fun we just ate, visited lots and played lots of card games. (And we took lots of pictures of ourselves these are only a few of them:) Thanks for coming to stay with us girls we loved having you and we had a blast! Come again soon:)