Monday, March 28, 2011

Random pictures:)

Here are some fun random pictures of my boys. We have been busy but nothing to exciting just work and school work for Shaye. Life is good though, sometimes no news is good news:)
Shaye and Peyton looking down on Kanab from the t.v. towers. This was Peyton's first trip up there and I don't know who was more excited, him or Shaye?!:)
This is my big eyed baby. Always wide eyed ready to play. I love those big brown eyes!
This was after Peyton's visit to the dr. for his six month check up. He had to get some shots and did so good. He was so brave, plus he's still smiling:) Most of all how can you resist him in this cute little outfit, thank you to the Quarnberg's for this one:) Hope everyone has a great week!


Mikkel said...

Cute pics of Mr. Peyt!

Matt & Crysta said...

HE is so dang cute.. I loved watching him.. such a cute, happy baby!

K Worthington said...

Oh my gosh! He Is adorable and those bright eyes-so cute!