Monday, January 23, 2012

Sister/Cousin Weekend!

This past weekend was a fabulous one to say the least! Shaye was going to be out of town for his traditional extravaganza with his friends so I decided to invite my sister Emily, who has recently moved to Provo to attend BYU and my bestfriend cousin Brittany who lives in Orem to come down to Cedar to have a sister/cousin getaway. I was thrilled when they agreed to come and it turned out to be a fabulous weekend. Brittany's sister Lacee is going to school down here so it was just perfect. Things were going great until late Friday night Mikkel got really sick and wasn't able to enjoy our sister/cousin time on Saturday but luckily she was feeling better Sunday and was able to join us for dinner. All in all I would say it was a complete success and we have already been planning when we will have our next getaway.
Our first night we tried to enjoy a movie after the kids were in bed but it turned out to be SUPER boring. Midnight in Paris, we do not recommend. Good thing we actually had more fun talking and laughing and staying up late like we did when we were young:)
Lacee, Brittany, Me and Ems as things really started to come alive:)
Saturday we had a full day. We started by headed to the Aquatic center for a swim. The kids loved it! Emily brought Mikkel's kids since she wasn't feeling well. I tried to take some pictures there but none of them turned out. It was to steamy in there to get a clear picture. We were thankful the water was so nice and warm though. After the pool we came home for the kids to take naps while the mom's enjoyed some down time. Here is Blake, Bridger and Peyt enjoying some tub time before it is off to bed for them.
Shaye was home Saturday night and he made us his new specialty of hot chocolate with ice cream for our late night treat. I must say it was pretty tasty!
Here is Peyton and Blake after church on Sunday. Aren't they just about the sweetest little boys you've ever seen!? Peyton loved having Blake here and Blake was so great to play so nicely with Peyt. They were too cute, Blake kept calling Peyton his bestie and he would set these little chairs close together and want Peyton to come sit by him.
Peyton loved to chase him around and try to do everything he was doing. We miss you Blake hope you come back to see us soon!!
Yay Mikkel was back with us! Here we are after we enjoyed a wonderful dinner after church.
One more of the cute boys before they had to hit the road, Blake had set the chairs up again, ha ha:) Me and Peyton are missing everyone today but we are so so thankful they came to see us and can't wait til we can get together again!! Thanks again for driving down Brittany and Emily it was a blast!


mommaRx said...

Just saw the blog! Amen to midnight in Paris being a complete snore.... It took me 3 nights to get through it because I kept falling asleep :) you girls look fabulous and what a cute bunch of little boys!

Brant and Jana said...

How fun how do aunts get invited? J/k we had a family weekend too ;)

Ken and Stacy Peterson said...

Yay for a great weekend. Thanks again for an awesome time!


Emily* said...

Best weekend ever!!! I loved every second and am soooo glad we came!! I miss you guys so much already!!!! :( Thanks for having us Ash! You indeed are the hostess with the mostest! You know how to treat your guests just right :)