Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Brandon

It has been another good and busy weekend. We had the chance to meet my family in St. George to celebrate my brother Brandon's birthday. His birthday was actually last week but since he was still pretty sick and recovering from his surgery we decided to postpone his birthday until he could enjoy it. We had a great time enjoying a good dinner at Texas Roadhouse and visiting with our family.
Here's Brandon enjoying his birthday song on the saddle.
Here we all gave him a big birthday "yee-haw"!! The best is my Dad's big yee-haw in the back ground, he was enjoying himself:)
Here's the kids table, and we were just like kids. Emily spilled her water, Brandon and Nate were throwing peanut shells at each other and Nathan was loving playing with the bones from Brandon's ribs. Don't worry my mom was sitting with us so she kept us under control:)
Nate was being such a ham as usua,l he loves it when the family gets together. He was so excited to see us all. He has finally figured out that I am having a baby. He was so excited when he saw my big belly! He kept pointing at it and signing baby and then he kept showing me pictures of babies on his ipod. He has seen Mikkel go through this process a couple times now so I think he's figured out how this works, your belly gets really big and then we have another baby in the family. I'm glad he's excited!
I like this picture of Dad and Shaye, doesn't it look like they are having a grand time?
This was the grown up's table. Aunt Virginia, Grammy, Grandpa Coach and Dad.
Then it was back to Grammy's for brownies and ice cream. Happy Birthday Brandon, hope it was a good one. Glad we were able to celebrate with you!

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Mikkel said...

Looks like fun! your 'kid' table made me laugh!