Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Family Vacation

We just returned from our first family vacation and it was a complete success! The dentist I work for always takes the first week in December off so we decided to plan a little trip to California with my sister's family and our friends the Lee's. We had a fabulous time and it was SO nice to just be with my boys all day for a few days! We were able to stay at a great place right across the street thanks to Shaye's dad for letting us use their time share so we'd have somewhere to stay. It really was the best location we never got in the car the whole time we were there which makes things a lot less stressful not worrying about traffic and parking. Thanks Larry and Kelly:)
Here's the king of our castle enjoying some play time on our big bed!
Peyton was the best little traveler, we only stopped one time in Vegas, what a champ he did great! Thank goodness he sleeps so good in the car, (as long as we are moving that is:)
Disneyland here we come! Peyt liked Disneyland but I think Disneyland liked him even more! Everyone loved him, we were offered multiple 1st visit pins by workers that thought he was just too darn cute and one gave him an honorary citizen pin, plus you gotta love the baby swap on rides it worked out great and we never really had to wait in any lines.
Here's Traj and Shaye during one of our turns with the kids while the other parents went on Splash Mountain. All the little guys were sleeping but Traj kept us plenty entertained. We love this kid he says the funniest things these days.
Everything was decked out for Christmas and it was awesome! I love Christmas decorations and there it was everything Christmas!
Love those Mickey Mouse ears:)
The fireworks were awesome set to Christmas music
Then the streets were filled with lights and snow! It was so magical, plus I just can't get enough of Peyton in his cute little hat:)
The next day in California adventure we took Peyt on his first you can see from the pic he didn't love it. When it got dark he got sad, poor little guy it scared him, sorry.
The weather was great! The days were beautiful, the evenings were a little cooler, thus you can barely see Peyton all wrapped up here.
We had such a great time it went by too fast and we were sad to come home. Here are some others bonus pics of the little man lately.
This one is to funny this was the night we got home, I guess he was all tuckered out from the trip he was falling asleep on the couch.
Gotta love him in one of his cute Christmas sweaters, he's got a new one for every Sunday this month:)

So precious
He just can't keep these girls away! He loves his aunties Jen and Em:)


Hollie said...

Peyton is a little champ! He did so good the whole trip. You guys are great! Thanks so so much for bringing us along! :) It was a blast!

Trina and Wes said...
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Mikkel said...

Yes he was sooo good. (A lot better than Tavin I'm sure. Right Shaye? Haha I'm just kidding!) But he was really good, guess that means you can go on lots more vacas!