Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Around the House with Peyton

Here are some of my favorite pics of Peyton around the house doing what he does best! He is crawling and pulling up and climbing on everything, he seems to be more monkey than little boy:) I spend most of my time making sure he is not getting into too much trouble as he explores the house, as I type this he is climbing up on the couch and would give anything at this moment if he could get to the computer. Nothing is safe anymore!
First play date with his friend Jerzi. We took this right before we left and it was past nap time for both of them, we should have taken one at the beginning so they looked happy. We really did have a great time but I love that in order to take the pic I had to give Peyt the camera case to keep him happy and Kenzie gave Jerzi the lens cap. Peyton's face is great, he looks thrilled doesn't he...really he had fun:)
Peyton showing his, "I am so pleased with myself" smile after successfully pulling himself up on the couch.
Peyton turned the big 9 MONTHS this week! I can't believe how quickly he is growing up. Sometimes it makes me so sad and I have to give him extra hugs and kisses and let him fall asleep on my shoulder because I know there will come a day that he won't do that anymore.
I tried to get some action shots of some of his new tricks. Some of the things I want to remember he can do now are, he is crawling everywhere, pulling up on the couch or anything he can reach, he's starting to walk along things, he says Momma (mostly when he is sad or winey but still he says it), he likes to help hold the spoon during meals, and most of all he has a very friendly personality and loves to be around people.
But what Peyton does best is pose for for pictures. I was trying to take a picture of crawling but every time he saw the camera he would sit down and flash the smile, he just cracks me up:)
Peyton and Shaye's newest favorite game! His first tent and he loves it!

I love seeing this face coming to get me!
After playing so hard, he sleeps hard. His latest thing is pulling his legs under him and sleeping with his little bum in the air, too cute.
Sometimes I just have to sneak in and look at his sweet face. I just want him to stay little forever...


Hollie said...

He is so happy! I love that he poses!! Hopefully he keeps doing it! Jaxon quit doing that and I miss it. Taking pictures are almost torture to him. He would rather be the one taking them. I have many picture of his toes on my camera. Good luck with your move coming soon!

Brittany Peterson said...

He's so cute! I can't believe what a little monkey he is!

Emily* said...

Oh my goodness I love this post!!! So precious Ashley! :) Peyton is so adorable I miss him so much! I am so glad you are savoring the little moments right now, so wise. haha I hope Texas is awesome but I already miss you guys so bad!! Come back to me soon and be safe and I love you! oh! and pleeease don't let Peyt get too big either:(

Mikkel said...

I missed this post some how.... he's such a cheeser! I like your couches brown btw