Monday, June 24, 2013

San Diego Trip

We planned a fun family trip to San Diego for this summer. Shaye really wanted to take Peyton to his first baseball game. The Brave's were playing in San Diego so we had to go!!:) We had such a great time, I only wish we could've stayed a couple more days! It is so fun now that Peyton is getting older and gets so excited about things. He was such a good boy and loved staying in the hotels. He slept great every night and was a fabulous traveler! When we got home he kept saying he wanted to go back on family vacation and stay in a hotel. It really was so fun, I love spending time with my little family!:)
The first night we went to the baseball game and it was so much fun! I didn't know if Peyt would last the whole game but he did great! He was going for the wrong team cause he loved every time the Padres hit a home run they would set off fireworks so he was loving that.

We went early so we could watch batting practice and Shaye catch a ball and then one of the players gave a ball to Peyton so we made out pretty well!
Peyton really wanted to throw the ball back to the players but we talked him into keeping it. He was just trying to share:)
One of Peyt's favorite things about the game was getting to drink Sprite out of Dad's big cup!! 

The next day we went to the Aquarium which we all enjoyed. Not that you can tell by the look on his face. But I had to post this one cause this is what he looked like every time we said we were going to take a picture. Little stinker! So we just got better with catching him by surprise:) 
Helping Dad play with the cool water toys.

Look at that super serious face! haha:)
Shaye ventured out without us exploring the rocks below.
I found the only way to get Peyton to smile for picture is to take self pictures where he could see himself in the phone. It's like looking in the mirror and then he would smile at himself, so we took lots of those.
One of our favorite things was watching the seals on the beach. They are really such interesting animals it was seriously making me laugh watching them flop around and such, so funny!

One of Peyton's favorite things was catching hermit crabs on the beach. These nice people that catch these cool crabs and let Peyton look at them.

They could have done this all day!!

Peyton loved his first visit to the ocean, not that you can tell by the look on his face!
The next day we headed to the zoo. It was such a fun day and we all loved the zoo! 
I have my own crazy monkey:)

Thumbs up to the zebras.
The polar bears were awesome! I think they were are favorite thing to see cause they were so active. Look how huge this guy is!!

Peyton's face was priceless as we took off in the skywalk ride across the park at the end of the day. He was so excited if you can't tell!

They had a petting zoo area in the kids part of the zoo. Peyt was sure at first about petting these goats...but he soon warmed up to it!

I love this picture, hello Mr. Goat!!
Shaye said he wanted to take my picture with this Komodo Dragon...then he said the two fire breathing dragons...what is that supposed to mean?!? I don't breath fire do I??:)

These boys loved seeing all the different turtles. Turtles are one of our favorite animals.

Can't wait to go back to the zoo again it was so fun!!
Then it was time to head home, the trip went by way to fast. Peyton was such a great traveler and his favorite snack to have in the car was wheat thin crackers that he asked for every time we got in the car. He got so tired he fell asleep with his hand in the bag.
He got to eat pancakes in the car which he thought was pretty cool.

Lastly we surprised him on the ride home with a turtle that he had wanted at the zoo gift shop. You'll never guess what he named this cute little turtle.....Froggy. Yep he's a turtle named Froggy. I have asked Peyton several times what kind of animal it is and he says, "a turtle." Then I'll ask what his name is and he says, "Froggy." Well of course that makes sense right?!:) It was such a fun trip! Can't wait for our next family vacation!

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mandmrus said...

wonderful pics and vacation story. And you got balls too! can't wait to take him on vacation with all of us.Looking forward to many more blogs and fun stories :)