Sunday, September 29, 2013

Peyton's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe my baby boy has turned 3 years old!! Peyton was so excited for his birthday this year. When you would ask him when his birthday was he would say, September! He got an early start on the birthday celebrations. We were in Kanab the first weekend in September so we decided to celebrate his birthday at Grandma Brown's at Sunday dinner with my parents and everyone. Peyton loved it and was so excited to blow out candles and open a few presents. Jake's birthday is the day after Peyton's so we celebrated for him too. They even both got there own cake!
 The Happy Birthday boys!!
 Peyton definitely enjoyed the cake and ice cream!
 The morning of his birthday I asked what he wanted for his birthday breakfast and he said he wanted french toast. So we started the day off right with a candle in his french toast and round of "Happy Birthday"!

 After breakfast we took Peyton up stairs to find his birthday surprise! Peyton loves trains so we found him this awesome set on ebay and Shaye set it up in the guest room the night before. Peyton was so excited and has spent many many hours playing trains. He couldn't have been happier!
 Doesn't this look like a happy kid?!
 He also got a bike from GG which he is really starting to get the hang of riding. He especially loves the helmet and when he wears it he says, "I'm a cowboy!!" I don't know why:)
 We had Peyton's closest friends over for a fun little Thomas the train party. Peyton was so so excited to have his friends come over for his party. All morning if you asked Peyton if he was three now he would say, "Not yet! Not until my friends get here!" He was pretty excited.
 We love our birthday boy!!
 Peyton and his best buds, Jaxon and Tavin.
 Dad decided he wanted to join the cool kids table and eat with the boys.
 After cake and presents we enjoyed one of the last warm days we've had with a water party outside. They ran through the sprinklers and did the slip and slide!

They played forever and had a blast. It was for sure the best birthday Peyton could have asked for! He was one happy kid!! And I must say it was a pretty fabulous day for me too. I love watching him grow and seeing him so happy brings me so much joy and happiness! I am one happy momma!!:)

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