Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas to all!!

What a great Christmas weekend! I am still trying to recover from little sleep and good eats:) We had a great time with family and are very grateful for all the kind gifts we received. Peyton had a fabulous weekend. He didn't care at all about the gifts he just loved seeing all of his favorite people and he loved all the decorations! He loves Christmas trees and lights! It was fun to watch him with everyone and see how happy he was. We can't believe how much he is growing up and how much he is changing and learning. He is getting so smart and sometimes finding himself in trouble but he makes us smile and laugh everyday and we just couldn't love him more!
Christmas started early last week when Peyton got to go to Aunt Janet's and open a present.
Good thing I took a picture this was the only present he helped open all weekend.
This is Christmas Eve morning, I swear Peyton knew it was a special day he was so happy and crazy all day.
Peyton was SO excited when GG got to town! He really was it was cute he followed her around the moment she arrived and wanted to help her bring everything in. She brought him this very cute rocking horse that Peyt is still warming up to. He was a little scared of him at first but they are becoming better friends now:)
Don't we look like an excited bunch? Good thing me and Bransen are excited, everyone else doesn't seem to excited for Santa to come, or maybe they were nervous about the food since I did some cooking:)
Everybody waiting for Jenn to call us on skype from the Philippines on her mission. Grandpa Chuck wouldn't let the computer out of his sight he wanted to be the first to see her face.
Here's the busy body just running circles around the house.
I just realized this was our 5th Christmas together, crazy how the time goes by and how much has changed.
Our little family
Merry Christmas morning!! Peyton was excited to come down and discover all the gifts he didn't realized he had gotten the night before.
He loves his new chair from Grandma Monica. It is just his size he loves to climb on and off it by himself.
Then it was off to Kanab to the Jackson's. Peyton was thrilled to find Fredy there. This poor dog got chased around all day long! I am sure he was happy to see Peyton go:)
Run Freddy run!
We were spoiled and got see Jenn again while she talked to her Dad and family. She looks so great and happy and we couldn't be happier for her and all the good she is doing!
Then we found Santa at my parents house! Peyton really likes uncle Nate but he wasn't so sure of him as Santa. I must say Nate is a great Santa and getting better every year:)
Peyt and Santa's best helper, Auntie Em:) Merry Christmas to all!!


Ken and Stacy Peterson said...

Glad you had a great Christmas!!

Ken and Stacy Peterson said...

I don't know why my comments say Ken and Stacy Peterson, this is Brittany!

Mikkel said...

Glad to see what you were up to all christmas! YOu are a good lil host. Looks like a very fun christmas!