Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Move/Vacation/Traveling Adventures

I don't even know where to start it has been awhile since my last post and A LOT has happened. Shaye returned from Cali and we finished packing up our apartment with the help of his Mom and Mike we got everything into one U-Haul and headed back to Cedar City to put our stuff in storage. We still don't know where we will be moving to after the summer but we liked where we stored our stuff last year in Cedar so we just took it back there. So a big thank you to Monica and Mike for all of their help. They are real professional packers and do such a great job, we are lucky they are always willing to help us:) So after the move we headed to Kanab to enjoy some time in Southern Utah before heading back to California. Let me tell you we had A LOT of fun and Shaye certainly got his outdoor fix. As you will see in the many many pictures to follow we spent a great deal of time around a fire, ate LOTS of marshmallows and had tons of fun! We first went to Kanab so we could be at graduation to see my sister Emily and Shaye's brother Brendon graduate. It was a fun time, Emily was the Senior class pres. so she gave a little speech and our cousin Dalton was the Salutatorian so he got to speak too. Anyways, there are many pictures to follow so enjoy:) 

These were are first mallows of the trip. The night after graduation we made smores in the back yard at my parents house.
On Monday night we decided to make tinfoil dinners for everyone. So we headed up the canyon behind my parents house for a nice little family night. The dinners turned out great, (which they always do when Shaye makes them he is a pro tinfoil dinner maker:) This is Nate and Shaye gathering wood for the fire. Nate was loving all of our outdoor activities. 
More marshmallows, I think Nate ate the most mallows of all!
Me and Mom enjoying the nice evening watching the boys cook us dinner, it was great!
One afternoon we took Nate and Jennica for a little hike up Peek-a-boo Canyon. It was great fun. Nate gathered tons of sticks and was trying to build a fire. He is so smart, as long as he keeps the fire outside:)
Southern Utah is so beautiful, I love it!
Shaye and Jenn trying to catch fish in this little stream.
This really was a nice little break for us and we were able to see all of our family. We went up to Beaver for a couple days and went 4-wheeling with Grandpa Chuck and Connie. They took us all over Beaver mountain and we saw some wildlife which made Shaye happy and we also saw some pretty scenery, which made me happy:)
We took a little break to explore in these rocks at the top of the mountain.
This picture doesn't even do the the view justice but behind us was just beautiful, thanks Chuck and Connie for taking us!
Now for our next adventure we went with my family up to the Heaton Ranch up by Alton. My parents have some nice friends in the Heaton family that let them use it for the weekend. My family really doesn't do the camping thing so this was perfect. We were out in the woods but we had beds to sleep in and most importantly, bathrooms! It is such a nice place. The cabin is huge and there is a fun little pond behind it with a little row boat. There are also two zip lines which were tons of fun. There was also a volleyball net set up which we put to use in a very exciting game, well maybe not too exciting. Lets just say you could tell that none of us had ever really played volleyball, but it was fun!
Here's Nate and Shaye going for a little ride around the pond.

Everyone tried out the zip line, even Dad! If you can't tell he was having a great time.
Me and Emily enjoying the cozy fire.
Friday night we had some more family come up and join us for dinner and fun. My aunt Kristi and Brooklyn came up with Grandma Brown. Also my uncle McKay and his family were down for the weekend so they all came out for the fun. We had such a great time with lots of laughs and some great food of course!
Here's Nate taking the love birds for a ride:)
All the girls around the fire.
The sunset was beautiful above the mountains and then there was this full moon.
Here's everyone around the fire.

Brandon decided to take this little boat out and challenge the kids to a boat fight. Unfortunately for Brandon he found that his boat had a hole in it. Soon he was standing with his feet completely covered in water trying to get back to shore.
After a long day of playing everyone was tired.
Mom was so tried she just climbed in her sleeping bag sitting on the couch.
Dad wasn't tired, the night was still young.
Brandon ended up sock less. His socks were soaked from his boating adventure so he thought he would put them on the stove in the house to dry them faster. Well he doesn't recommend it, as you can see they were burnt to a crisp!
The next morning we had a great time playing volleyball, fishing in the pond and playing horseshoes. This is Dad and Shaye playing horseshoes, Shaye was the winner. He beat Dad and Brandon, he has a hidden talent for horseshoe throwing, who knew!:)

After all of our outdoor fun it was time to begin our trek back to California so Shaye could get back to work. So we headed out but made a few more stops:) We stopped to spend a couple great days with Grandma Alta in Vegas. We had so much fun visiting and making our way around Vegas. Grandma Alta's friend was able to get us some free tickets to a couple shows. They were mostly people that are trying to get started in Vegas. One of the guys we went to was a magician and he was on America's Got Talent a few years ago so he was pretty good.
Here we are with Grandma Alta. Thanks so much for all the fun, it was great!
One evening she took us miniture golfing on this really nice golf course. It was the nicest miniature golf course I'd ever seen. It was lots of fun and a perfect night, the weather was great!
We had such a great move/vacation/trip. Now we are in California and just trying to get settled. Shaye is back working and I am cleaning! Our apartments are SO SO nice but there were several single boys living here before we got here so if you could just imagine what it was like. Now it's clean and looks great and I am really enjoying it!


Brant and Jana said...

That looks like too much fun it makes us sorry we missed it! Love the Brown's!

Cando said...

I love this post! It looks like you guys are having such a fun summer so far. There is nothing like the Kanab outdoors!!

Ly + Alan said...

Wow it sounds like you are having an awesome summer so far! I miss you like crazy and would love to know what part of California you're in -- I'm hoping to make a trip out there this summer and maybe we could get together.

Brittany Peterson said...

Loved the pictures. It made me wish I was wish you enjoying all that fun! Hope all is going well in California!

Sarah Jimenez said...

What a fun way to start the summer! I love the picture of your dad on the zip line. Good luck in California.

Malinda S. said...

It's only the beginning of summer and already you have had so much fun. I loved all the photos. Good luck in Cali!

Hollie said...

You guys really played hard! Looks like fun. glad your out here to play with us. :)