Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bryce Canyon

It seems that each time I blog lately I am playing catch up. These events all happened last week. To start things off we had a very busy week last week with lots of visitors and fun! First off Grandma Alta and her good friend Glenda came up to visit us for a couple days. We had such a fun time but sadly didn't get any pictures of them. We hope they will come again soon.
Next up Shaye was going to go hunting with his family so I tagged along on a fun trip with my family. We went to Bryce Canyon to do some hiking and the next day headed up to Snow for Brandon's football game. Bryce was so fun and it was SO beautiful! I hadn't ever really been to Bryce and I very much enjoyed it. Here are a bunch of pictures of our most adventurous hike:)
Me and Em's enjoying the awesome scenery.
Nate loves it when we do little family outings.
Here is just some of the great scenery. It really is such a beautiful area, amazing how it ended up like that.
Mikkel and Traj found a little cave in the rocks to take a little rest.
Nate and Traj were getting to far ahead of us so we talked them into sitting down on this log and taking of few snap shots. Nate is always up for a photo shoot.
The boys posing with Grammy J:)
Dad was loving the hike too, love the balance beam skills. Very nice!
Too cute...

We had a great weekend with lots and lots of great family fun!


Hollie said...

I'm glad your out hiking and enjoying this fall weather. Looks like you had a blast with your fam.

Brittany Peterson said...

That's fun that you got to go on that fun trip with you fam! It looks beautiful

Amanda P. said...

Fun Fun pics. Weird, I don't think i've fully been to bryce either. It must be too close! I ran into Shaye last week while he was hunting! I hope he got something to bring home to mama!! haha, you!!