Saturday, July 4, 2009

Long Lost Friends Are Found!

Where do I even start I have had a most wonderful week. You could ask Shaye, I couldn't sleep at night I was so excited! It was like Christmas. What was I so excited about you ask?!? Well I had a most special visitor coming this week that I haven't really seen in YEARS! My most wonderful friend Joni Martin and her two beautiful kids came to stay with us! Seriously I was so excited I could hardly stand it! I haven't really spent time with my dear friend Joni since we graduated 7 years ago! After Graduation she moved to Logan for school, got married and has been living in California for years now. I also went many different directions and it is just so hard to keep in touch with everyone. Anyways she really was such a dear friend to me all through high school and it was so so nice to catch up. It is amazing to me how those special people in your life that you just connect with no matter how much time and distance comes between you, you can just pick up where you left off and still be wonderful friends! We played with her cute kids at the pool and around the house but the best part was when everyone went to sleep and we stayed up chatting to no end! It was just like old times, we had fun remembering  the old days of dance competitions and high school boy friends and the silly things we thought were so important. It was so wonderful and we plan to get together again since we only live one hour apart while we are living in Cali. Here are some pictures of our happy  reunion:)
Here is the beautiful Joni and her sweet kids Oliver and Eliza playing down at the pool.
Everyone sitting around my house visiting.
Trajen always loves to make new friends and he was so cute with Oliver. He brought over the movie "Cars" to share with the kids and the boys shared this chair. It was funny, at one point Traj put his arm around Oliver as they sat there a little awkwardly, neither one of them knew what to do. So cute:)
This was the best part of the night. Just like old times we made some delicious brownies to snack on while we chatted:)
The next morning we took the little kiddies to the park to play. Here they are taking a break to enjoy their fruit snacks. Everyone loves to snack with friends:)

Here is me and my favorite little guy. I must say that it has been so fun for me to be out here with Mikkel and Trajen this summer. They are so nice to let me play with them everyday. I love it when he says he wants to come to "Ashley house", (even though he really likes to come to my house cause Shaye lives here too:) They like to have pillow fights and play hide and seek. We just love him!
Sorry about the little Traj tangent, this post was about Joni:) I'm so glad you came Joni. Please, please come again! And we will come down your way soon. I am so grateful for wonderful friends!


Kassi said...

That is so fun! I am so happy you got to see Joni! I remember I usually didn't see one of you without the other :)

Amanda P. said...

A couple of my fav larriettes!! Haha. So cool that you guys got to get back together! How fun!!

Brittany Peterson said...

That is so fun that you got to see Joni! I want to come visit you! I liked seeing what you are up to out there. We just got back from the family reunion and really missed you! We also watched some classic home videos last night with your fam and you were hilarious! I'll tell you all the details later!

Richins Family said...

Looks like you had a great time. Tell Mikkel "hi". I would like to see her blog, but it's private.

Kirsten & Aaron said...

How fun! Looks like you guys had a great time catching up! Lucky that you get to be with Shaye -- it is no fun being alone! Have you guys found out where Shaye will be doing clinicals?

Jon and Janice said...

Hi There Kids, I hadn't checked your blog in a long time and today I decided to check things out. And even more surprized when I found out it was about my gal. I am so glad you got together. Oh Happy Days Much Thanks, Janice

Kassi said...

ya Garett isn't a big fan of Cali but I think that is cuz he is missing a certain someone. :) If you see him give him a hug for me! He really is a good guy :D