Monday, November 1, 2010

Peyton's Special Day

We had a wonderful weekend and I'm so sad it's over. Partly because I am now back to work but also because it was just so nice. We saw lots of family which is the best and we had Peyton's blessing. It was wonderful! First Grandma Alta, aka GG, came to see little Peyton and they had a great time together. He gave her lots of good smiles and even his first little giggle:) I feel bad cause I didn't even get a picture of her with Peyton, we were both busy taking pictures of the little man I guess. Then everyone was here for Peyton's blessing on Sunday. It was very nice and we loved having everyone here. So here are the pictures from our great weekend.
Isn't he so cute in his little Halloween shirt from Aunt Jana. Thanks Jana it was perfect!
Happy Halloween everybody!
Here is me and Peyton with Grandma Brown at the blessing. I just love Grandma Brown, if I can be even a little bit like her I would be happy, she is so great!
Now these are the best my dad caught these great smiles, I love him:)

Grandma and Em's enjoying the good time.
Shaye and Peyton after the very nice blessing that Shaye gave him. Peyton was great, Shaye said he was just about asleep when it was done. I think Nate took this picture, that's why his head is a little cut off but I think it's cute.
Our first real family picture:)
Got to love Peyton relaxing after his big day. Shaye got him set up with all the essentials:)
We love you little Peyton, we're so glad you're in our family!


Hollie said...

ashley, I was gonna text you a little while ago to see how the first day back went but realized the time. I hope it went well. Peyton is growing so much. What a cutie!

jaxon was blessed last year on halloween weekend. kinda crazy.

Brittany Peterson said...

He looked so cute for his special blessing day! Wish we could have been there!

Malinda S. said...

He is adorable! I love the last two photos =)

Brant and Jana said...

So cute! I love every holiday! Blessing day it the best. He is super cute and you look beautiful too! Maybe we will see you at Thanksgiving time :)

Pete and Bekah Ackerman said...

He is so adorable Ashley! I love his little smile. We are coming down to Cedar soon- we will have to stop by and meet the little guy.

Mikkel said...

cute family pic. love your shirt.